Google doesn’t translate this language, I wanted to ask them about lucid dream yoga

Seems like one of these bleeding-hearts would’ve made an app for this.

Wut the, who knows what’s on this

Look at this ad they give me – don’t tempt me to separate from humanity altogether

Aha, found the word – རྨི་ལམ་རྣལ་འབྱོར་ – dream yoga. Maybe I will rendezvous with someone in a dream tonight – I thought I did last night, probably just all in my imagination.

Look at this pdf, it can’t be translated, which makes it different than most of the other stuff I’ve looked for

Bleeding-hearts, where are you? Just goes to show that American altruism is exclusively a nationalist phenomenon. Parochial form of “globalism”.

This is mysterious. Even the wiki page doesn’t translate. The wisest ones of the East possibly? I try not to fetishize, that’s just what it seems like from the English sources I’ve read.

So, I know the term, and now I can’t translate the pages that it leads me to.

The abstract of one engrish paper

One of the references, looks taboo

“Are you grilling ME specifically?” Yes.

I’m trying to see if there’s a similar dynamic between Tibetans and Indians in regard to brahmin IQ, because the former also had a caste-system. What level are these lamas on?

Ahhh this is the first time it’s been futile to look on another language’s internet.

Just need to spend some time with people who aren’t monkeys or I’m going to lose it. So many bannings since november, no one’s left. No offense to the ketman experts, I’m sure you don’t take it personally (unless you do hahaha).

So Tibetan was the standard Buddhist language in Mongolia til recently. It’s weird that I google Mongolian with Cyrillic.

I find this on one page that I can relate to, okay I’ve been doing this for years now, see you later

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