I should just try to forgive people. “I have nothing to be forgiven for.” The reason you don’t like me is because you know that I know that that’s not true. Whatever, I forgive you.

Now I will proceed to study the sacred scroll at the center of the state religion with a spirit of forgiveness.

You know that it’s no joke that they want anyone who tells you its secrets dead, right? I observe this constantly, you can trust me on that or not.

So today, instead of seeing what the enemies of this scroll have to say, I choose to take a look at the perspective of the pious. Just going through the secondary literature found in the z-library, Ben Zion uses the term goy once in his book and then says,

goy means a people or nation generally, Jewish or pagan

The Talmud does tell you to lie, doesn’t it Benny boy? A liar who lies about the fact that they’re lying hmm AND wants dead anyone who says that, huh, the appropriate response seems to be to kill you.

Most people are Jews these days so–what follows from that? Majority rule, scapegoating, the usual routine in a backward regime. That YOU? Forgiveness.

Something from that mayor Słomka’s Galician memoirs seems symbolic to me

Scabs of the soul, incurable leprosy, what have you, enjoy your bread goyim.

Consider yourself in the know when the very term “Jew” is a swear word. If you don’t get that it’s a hopeless case. And it’s not an exaggeration to say most westerners are Jews these days.

What’s the point of all your politicking when you don’t talk about the root? Oh right, you’re a grifter. We live in a griftocracy. In a just world you’d be smacked across the face until you were more honest. We should have that instead of Easter this year- everyone lines up and gets smacked in the face one by one.

Carrying on, the next secondary book on the Talmud I skim does not appear to discuss “Choinskian” themes.

On to the third, an example of how they’ve been able to be so sneaky over the centuries

Make people want to kill you for studying a religious text – what we can call ~normal~.

This secondary book mentions goy zero times and gentile five, and of course in a non-Hodosian way.

Would you be happy if you had a daughter who turned out to be a stripper? That’s why many women get mad when the Bible of the NWO is questioned, because they identify as something similar to a stripper. Nasty! What skanks. You expect to be happy when you’re like that? Just trying to look out for you, I guess you hate me for that. Strippers, kikes, chimps, bonobos, grifters, philistines- all are given the green light when the Talmud is the central text of culture.

The one book, in the superlative sense, that the brain of our culture, the academy, will not write honestly about it.

Another couple secondary texts with the expected deceptions.

This is the chief way to denounce evil in our time and it seems that many identify too closely with evil to not be mad when someone does that. What’s it like living without any shame? Why does your life matter? People are too jewed to even care. That’s what the pharmaceuticals are for, to keep you nice and dull and unfazed that you are that way. Cowards and whores who have lost their humanity.

Let’s see, one of the 20th century’s galaxybrains, Levinas’ book on the Talmud, looks typical. I’ve detailed his hypocrisy previously.

This one is the first I’ve seen on z-library with some honesty. “A Personal Take” it’s subtitled. Some will find this one quite amusing if they’re aware of how the jews and jews of spirit have dealt with me over the years. All in all might as well just stick with Choinski though. People are just too corrupt to even speak to honestly. My sense of hopelessness is acute.

This relatively recently published book on the Talmud is banned on amazon. Interestingly, Shamir showed his true colors in his review of it. If you don’t want false perception the reliable ones are people like Lutostansky, Shmakov, Eisenmenger. Otherwise you’re a pawn of the NWO. “It’s a club and you aren’t invited.” Most cases you’re at the mercy of it and you’re just trying to survive. You can survive by being more aware of their central text, and these named ones show you how to do that- very few English books do. Nothing, especially, from the academy. Or the church for that matter. Our two spiritual nodes are of no help at all. Not even the reactosphere is of much help. The never-heard-of Lutostansky, and the like? A different story. People wake up every day and decide to be part of the stripper-grifter judocracy and you don’t have to be.

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