Ahh this would be a dream

Isn’t your natural attitude to presume that “they’ve all been digitized already”? Or that all the important ones have? Heh sounds naive. The unknown unknowns.

It almost feels like I’m in a movie when I talk about the known book of the international crime network that people want you to die for talking about. No, it’s reality. Prove me wrong and talk about it then.

This is how many feel about writings about that book that aren’t excessively deceptive

It’s an existential debate, that’s why people get emotional about all this stuff.

Anyway, even the known books do not cause a sense of justice to rise in them, so you can’t expect these unknown ones to

Looking at what we can call the known unknowns, someone named E. Michael Jones is all over the list of books prohibited by Amazon.

Then, look how obvious this one is

If you’re on that list you might as well have won a Pulitzer Prize. Just my opinion!

I know it sounds absurd. I can’t help it that this is what I conclude. That banned books are more philosophical than philosophy books. Secondary text on Marx? Why not read instead one the supercapitalists don’t want you to read? Probably because you’re beholden to those supercapitalists.

From the first page of the above book – a new nickname, you ever heard it?

Looks possibly as offensive as жиди.

Why even bother read the absolute puppets who are never booted off social media? Sorry it’s mean to say… You’re just deliberately deciding to focus your vision on the swaying pendulum of the hypnotists. The alchemists of finance. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I probably can’t snap you out of it though, because they’re that good. Sheenies, huh, that’s a new one, at least to me.

This IS one of the more suspicious-looking ones I’ve found, I have to say

The writer was a higher-up at the South African Reserve Bank. Statistics show that South Africa is even more anti-semitic than Ukraine- that’s sayin somethin. What’s going on there?

The majority of the ones Amazon bans are on the holocaust. This writer stands out because he’s the only one whose works are directly about banking. “What are you trying to imply with the word ‘directly’ there?” Ha.

This will be nice to read about

[This book] also provides a record, both ancient and modern, of societies and civilisations which have flourished in an environment free from the burden of usury.

Keep in mind that there are lots of books similar to this published in the MENA world and they’d be on this amazon list too if only they were translated. Technologies of freedom right there, and people don’t care.

Just as a sidenote, wouldn’t it be “hilarious” if we unearthed an ancient document, say from that Schneerson library, that showed that the proto-hyksos were responsible for the disappearance of the neanderthals and that the neanderthals were actually more advanced than we believed? Whites are going to have that fate. How do you think those revisionist maoists of China are going to remember us?

It’s like people are in shackles and I toss them a key and they just let it bounce and rest on the floor.

Do the bitcoinheads know about this?

Imagine living in a time when you could still walk around nature and find gold just in a stone that you were about to step over. Cryptocurrency seems to return people to that kind of experience.

Something you don’t learn about in high school history class

On his return to Italy in September 45BC, Caesar found the streets and cities crowded with homeless people, who had been forced off the land by usurers and land monopolists. 300,000 people had to be fed daily at the public granary. Usury was flourishing with disastrous consequences.

Those greedy paisons were doing all that usury, that’s why this book is banned.

This is on z-library by the way. He connects reforms Caesar made to the monetary system with the later stabbings. One side of this story we’re familiar with at least.

Remember what Revilo said about Egypt? You don’t learn that in school. You don’t learn this either

This writer seems to be hinting that the Dark Ages were caused by you know who. If they control our understanding of history then who knows. I’ve spent more time on books banned in Russia than the ones banned in America for some reason.

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