This is potentially groundbreaking historiography about the foundations of America

I’ve said before that we don’t really have much to draw from in the US tradition unlike Ukraine that has a 1000 year history with them. This detail might change things. Was it the “royalty” that was in control of England at the time we rebelled? Or was it someone else?

The one the writer of this banned book cites is “out of print” on amazon. Many such cases with pre-1945 books.

Besides the Revolutionary War I’m learning about “their” hidden influence in the 1066 Norman Conquest (something Mitchell Heisman does not mention) as well as their bankrolling of Cromwell.

Anyway we’ll stick with the rev war since that can possibly warp our very understanding of American history, whereas who cares about British history. (What, it’s true.)

Only seeing previews of the Clapham book. Everything we know about the beginnings of the US could be a lie! Yes, it was the “British” menace that was enemy number 1. It’s a question as simple as it is illegal- was pre rev war England zogged?

Out of everything in this book amazon bans so far that seems like the most dangerous implication. Remember why Platonov was taken to court, for undermining the foundations of the country? That’s exactly what this would do if it were indeed true- cause total chaos. Because our national ethos is to define absolute evil as royalist tyranny. What if the real enemy of the Revolutionary War was the banking tyranny?

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