The behind-the-scenes of the Louisiana Purchase

This changes everything if foreign bankers controlled England during that time…

I told you before that as a kid I participated in Revolutionary War reenactments so maybe this affects me more than it does others? Wtf. Middle Easterners who were dwelling in Amsterdam started doing “business” in England.

We think of King George

We think of his royalist redcoats as the Other that we defeated in the creation of our democracy

If you start an account they let you read that Clapham book for an hour

This is the time period between 1694-1797 where it is documented that the majority of shareholders of the Bank of England were Talmudists. This book that amazon bans where I learned about this 1944 book also hints that the War of 1812 might have different causes than we previously thought. A reason similar to why they deposed of Gaddafi! “Impossible, impossible.”

Just pretend you didn’t read the second to last one on that list. You don’t have to call them that anyway, they have sneakier names like they did during the Revolutionary War

Medina and Silva were the most prominent according to Clapham. If this is all true then American history is turned upside-down. I told you recently if someone could find a substantial theory like this it would make my day, well.


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