The truth undisguised is something I can tell you any time. The problem is that when someone says that the plutocracy’s version is interpreted so there isn’t much point. Most people can only view things after it’s been filtered through the plutocracy. This itself, heh. Wonder about why I’ve been in something reminiscent of a gulag and the ways they’ve tried to silence me. Any ideas arise in your mind? There’s a good chance you and the plutos are one in wanting people not to know about certain things. Why are women with b-cups reading this anyway? I dismiss all of their beliefs outright because of their breasts. Even a woman with 200IQ is laughable to me if she doesn’t have a rack ha ha ha. Just kidding, let’s run away together. It really doesn’t matter because white males are the main ones they want to eliminate so hypocrisy isn’t something that they regret. Be sure to interpret this through the lens of the plutocracy like a good pleb. “Use bots and figures of culture to shut him up.” Why, what did I say? That you’re all less than human and that can be proven through a simple live debate? The reality is that they ARE less than human and can’t directly have a normal talk because they can’t admit that to themselves so they resort to ignoble tactics for years so they don’t feel too bad about being subhumans. Look who it is. “Who, ME, someone who isn’t a human being?” Yeah, that does seem to be what you are. Thus, send in the adhominems for years, the indirect responses, etc. etc. It only proves their humanity isn’t there. “We want a world like us!” People who can’t have a normal conversation because they’re afraid of being shown that they’re more of an object than a human? Do some coping about that or admit it, you’re probably going to cope, because that’s what subhumans do.

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