This is how they portray the cause of death of one of Gaddafi’s friends who had fled to Austria

The case was dealt with as the man suffered a heart attack while jogging, which led to him falling into the river and drowning.

Happens every day!

Since Gaddafi is the most recent (at least high-profile) sovereign they’ve “dealt” with, I’m asking the Arabic internet if they have anything to tell me

This is from 2018.

Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, who is known as his mastermind, as well as 40 other higher-ups from his administration remain in prison to this day- some of them, technically, on death row. You can’t let NATO do what it wants, otherwise that’s what you deserve. One article I see refers to their trial as a “Nuremberg moment”. I’m not the only one living in the 1940s, okay! I live in that time because they do. Wonder why Satoshi used a pseudonym? See the Gaddafi case. In her memoirs Hillary called it “Leadership”. Don’t start your own bank or that’s what you have to worry about. Or will you not be thinking in euphemisms the seconds before you take your final breath? I’m being murdered by the forces of international finance, I better still not be so insensitive as to cough up blood and curse the Dutch. The non-kagal Dutch love to indirectly own the world too, better believe that. “It’s all ours!” It’s not as simple as thinking of them as planetary “landlords” because they own the minds of their tenants too.

From 2018 again

a senior banker at the Central Bank of Libya (“Al-Sharq al-Awsat” refuses to publish his name)

The Libyan Civil War began February 15, 2011

after his decision to jump from the Libyan ship on February 19, 2011. This source adds that the banker met on the 20th of the same month with the US official and “gave him all the Libyan account numbers and codes for them.”

Hundreds of billions of dollars they say. Most of the articles that turn up are from 2011, so I’m guessing they deposed of press friendly to him too.

That book they ban from amazon talks about him

Whattt.. didn’t know this about him

That would’ve been an empire. That’s depressing.

Everyone is Gaddafi. Everyone except the kagal.

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