Didn’t know this about the central bank of central banks

So this is the sovereign of the universe.

How do we do something like this for the BIS?

I trust what this book they disappeared has to say about the BIS more than the book on the BIS published by Steinberger (Tower of Basel). Goodson quotes favorably Carroll Quigley who outlined their plan for world domination back in 1966.

“Biscoin” lol. I don’t know why crypto enthusiasts never talk about this stuff. Faith cult. Just good christian folks who can sense the devil and don’t need to explain nothin, I’m not going to say anything against that.

I just think of how proud bankers are of themselves and I’m skeptical that they deserve to hold themselves in such high esteem. Their craft doesn’t warrant that power. This is one of the (if not thee) main ways the world is lop-sided and most problems stem from here. There are tiers of “activity” and banking is in the same ballpark of technē as plumbing, perhaps engineering. They’re service-providers and the service they provide doesn’t really involve the higher ranges of the human spirit. And yet they have the power that should be allotted to renaissance men, say.

Back to the BIS though, that might be one of the ultimate thoughtcrimes out there, to ask what has gone on in that building, and why there are laws against finding out. Basically knocking on the king’s bedroom door with a post like this. The vaults themselves are kept in a vault.

People are so content with the world of appearances, decoys like the white house, Biden. They lack the spirit that seeks to go to the heart of reality. Cladistic farmers, all too many of them. Biden falling up the stairs for instance- how much of a dupe do you have to be to care about that? Even Putin challenging him to a debate totally misses the vital questions. Those of course pertain to the egregore. Everything else is just flesh and institution simulacra of that. It’s similar to how a young child will refer to a fox as a dog. Generally speaking yeah it’s the same type of being, you’re just not as precise as you could be. That’s how it is talking about the CIA for instance. It’s like calling a hyena a mammal. Why not just call it a hyena? Do you like to not be precise? “Look, it’s a mammal!” Yeah that’s really vague. Might as well refer to Biden with the nickname “Tal”. Then again, one wonders why someone who could rightly be referred to as “Tal” their self would refer to anyone else that way. Sup Tal. We need to investigate the BIS if you ever want to have your own name. Think of it in medical terms- being preoccupied with the NSA, say, is like someone having a headache because of a brain tumor and suggesting they take aspirin. Look it’s a mammal. Just a very crude and cosmetic diagnosis and treatment that will not save the patient. We have thousands and thousands of people working toward curing cancer and how many toward reforming the egregore? It IS a “carcinogenic” psychic entity if it calls for lobotomy and the suspension of morality. That’s what one can expect when people who specialize in such a simplistic technē as banking have so much power. That’s the only way such specialists could exercise power.

There is hope though if only a decade ago someone even attempted to create a 200 million person strong sovereign oasis. Goyim in the doomed western countries should really just figure out how to work closely with places like Syria and Iran that still have some kind of independence in order to boost their brainpower.

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