Looking up one of the most erased writers in America, E. Michael Jones, on the farsinet, and apparently he gave a speech at something called the Hollywood Conference in Iran

The interviews and topics I raised showed me that Iran is the leader of the free world and the book that was published by me is a proof of that.

Amazon bans 18 of his books, by my count. Who is this madman?

Wait wait wait wait now I’m seeing there’s someone else, named Carlo Mattogno, who has 25 books banned. Looks like this latter one directly slaps god in the face over and over again. I don’t do that as often as I’d like because I sense that it irritates people too much. Hmm this must be like the “living deconstructionist of the 21st century” or something, who cares!!!! Wow, he even has a book with the word “irritating” in the title, am I good or am I good. Gadflies are supposed to be adored, who doesn’t know that? Can I have some intimacy someday though honestly? No? Okay.

So, Mattogno is known as the main exponent in Italy. If his English books are that censored then one might say he’s the main exponent in the US too. How have I never heard of this neo-Evola? “That’s exactly the kind of person you wouldn’t hear about.” Quite.

You know the former banker I’ve been drawing from the last couple days? This is one of the few things they include on his wiki, and it relates to Mattogno- “make of it what you want”

These bankers can make people believe anything.

Some of this stuff, you have to understand that I was raised in the same culture as you, so it’s not like I don’t have my own instinctive winces and skepticism about people who question the narrative. “Okay Mattogno, was it all fabricated?” My natural conviction about the holocaust is that it couldn’t possibly be a deliberate falsehood. I’m willing to see why they would ban so many of his books though. The eminent historian Ernst Nolte for one calls him a “serious scientist”.

Would Israel Shahak disagree with him about these judgments?

Carlo Mattogno, according to the methods of denial, has often argued with various scholars of the Shoah, accusing them of bad faith, amateurism, falsification of history, improvisation and ignorance.

I go to one of Mattogno’s publisher’s sites and naturally look up Evola

Who knows what this might contain

I’m seeing lots of books on Evola from this publisher actually. Can only really trust someone who publishes thee holocaust-disrespecter.

Maybe I won’t have to move so far away as Iran

Di Vona says this in 2010

Already known and studied in other European countries, Evola is no longer a demonized author in Italy and, if we can say so, the forbidden author of the Italian Republic, but he has become an author worthy of study like any other subject of culture. Therefore also his doctrine of race can now be studied with serenity and without prejudices of a moral and political nature.

Tons of Evola’s writings here that are unknown to Americans, or at least this American. A publisher who is free from the banks? Never seen such a thing!

This Piero Di Vona seems like a big deal, and I never saw any mention of him the handful of times I looked through the Italian internet. I’m taken aback sometimes at how skilled they are at hiding certain writers.

Stuff by… Adolf I never heard of? I knew there must be some kind of robust neo-fascist institution in Italy. How many years has it taken me to find it!? Books on Plato from this publisher… probably some of the only ones on him worth reading. Later.

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