Nothing says magick like this subject. Is Einstein the “BIS of theorists”?

BIS, Einstein, Talmud, Auschwitz, we’re pretty much talking about the highest divinities here. You think I’d mess with those?? We need a team to mess with those. This is peak-ambition, no one can touch this. I don’t expect to overthrow them. I am only formalizing the goal. “Good luck with that!” You’re just frittering away your time if you don’t have that as a goal. It’s not something you can expect to convince many people of. Overthrowing these divinities in yourself, on a personal level, is actually a goal that can be achieved. It is not clear to me that many have done this. They’re ordered around by these divinities and they tell themselves that their words and actions arise sui generis from their own spirit. Ahah okay Tal. $Al, Tal$

The reality is that if you saw how people are objects in this way you would not want to occupy the same psychic space as them. The dynamic today is such that the Altals only gravitate around fellow Altals. Trump was like a wizard, and with him gone many of the ones managing to distance from these judaic objects were pulled into their gravity. They’re like atoms that densely pack together into a planet and I continue to revolve around them. They will never acknowledge the names of these magnetic forces that bind them together, they never acknowledge the hold these divinities have on them. I kind of just want to be a meteor and ram into them, try to disperse them. One of the ways that the Talmud-Einstein-Auschwitz-BIS divinity maintains power is through mutual recognition of the atoms, i.e. if they are individuated they are more immune to the objectification that these divinities cause. This is all so abstract- their eyes shine, their voices lilt with emotion- it doesn’t matter, they’ve been made into objects in a sense and this is one of the ways of referring to the divinity that animates them. This divinity can be anthropomorphized into a single subject which we can know the why-how-who about, at least approximately. Why does it do it, how does it do it, who does it. While it might sound crazy, if you tried to understand this you might be able to liberate yourself from what I see as a false god.

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