I learn of E. Michael Jones and Carlo Mattogno from Unz by the way, which has to be one of the consistently best websites I’ve clicked over the years – how does a Jew turn out like him anyway? He claims to have a 200 something IQ.

No one articulates the problem like this

It’s a flimsy pretext for censoring controversial scholarly books that can’t be refuted.

This is from that Hoffman who Shamir can’t help but hiss at.

Interesting historical tidbit

Ironically, it was around March 6, 2017 that the Washington Post first proudly printed its new slogan at the top of its front page: Democracy Dies in Darkness. Ironic because it was on that very day that Bezos’s first and still by-far-largest enterprise, Amazon.com, expunged over 155 history books in three languages and both formats (print and electronic) from its offerings on all its English-language sites. If democracy that day didn’t die at least on Amazon, what did die? Truth? Freedom of expression?

Hm I thought it was “only” 144 books. And this is a forum post from three years ago, so.

Remember, the ones like this from Russia’s side of the world gave me Buddhist-like experiences of awakening.

Use a different symbol for your forum, I don’t like to see this shit

Through them I find this, the closest thing to the Russian Federation List of Extremist Materials

Don’t worry, this just went away after the 40s

During the 1930s, Germany was confronted by a powerful Jewish-dominated world plutocracy out to destroy it. 

It looks like Carlo Mattogno is their main enemy.

So far I see nothing as off as that one they banned in Belarus regarding the Slavs being a people since BC times.

There are these ones though that are conspicuous

It’s just Putin, what’re you scared of

All these holocaust ones though- I’m gonna have to wait til I figure out which one condenses the most essential information, because I’m not reading all that.

That’s only volume one!

This scholar looks to be up there with Mattogno

Another conspicuous one that might substantiate a thesis advanced yesterday

Looks like that Revilo is on the list.

If you want to take a break from the hegemony of the banks this is the site to browse.

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