Some real characters out there

I interpret this symbolically as them wearing goyim-hides on their heads- they probably would if they could get away with it.

I’m old-fashioned, I believe in talking. And I can’t respect people who can’t respond to a question. Alright, you’re sharks of bribery and funding, you’re not sharks of having a normal conversation. Difficult for me to see you as the chosen people in light of that.

Why the country’s going down the tubes… They don’t care, they’ll move on to the next one. It’s pretty much their fault that it is. There’s a blindness in sharks, wouldn’t you say? Atavistic. It’s like they’re part of nature that isn’t able to be conscious of itself. By “nature” I mean they’re similar to a stone or something. Their programming leads them to hate goyim, and hate goyim, and hate goyim, and that’s the entire point of it. It doesn’t really matter what happens, they just want to do that, and survive themselves.

I feel like I’m taking on the aristocracy of Eastern Europe. That’s exactly what they are. And it isn’t quite a flattering thing to say. You rule over serfs?

I’m done pretending that their psychology isn’t explicitly hateful. That’s how it is in their own mind. The real exotericism they display is freedom, democracy, etc. Really they just hate, that’s the foundation and the core of who they are.

They can never sort through this because they never talk with anyone about it (besides themselves, privately). The law of the Talmud hasn’t changed- if goyim knew what they were truly like then they’d kill them. Yes, you want to destroy us because you are an atavistic remnant of medieval times who can’t understand anything else. The first-world that you live in, huh, who cares if that goes away. Jews are gonna be Jews. They’re never going to be a respectable people, they’re never going to be able to have a normal conversation, so the only conclusion, in order to avoid allowing the first world to be destroyed, is to kill them, imprison them, I know this will never happen because trillions was spent on the brainwash, might as well say what I take to be the ideal though. The Stalin that they don’t want you to know about wanted them in gulags too. It’s super-cunning hyper-capitalists convincing you it’s “socialism” to hate the only possible ones who could ever challenge them. That is where you are, smallskullgoy.

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