There are difficult ideas the establishmentarians cannot accept. Years of propaganda to tell you that blacks and browns are human beings is only going to lead you to having a nigger country. You only fell for that propaganda because you’re a subhuman yourself. The ideology of most americans is “Watch basketball, tolerate it”. A mestizo-jamaiacan who excels at basketball is so hot, does she have da booty or sump’n. You have been brainwashed into being a nigger. There’s nothing to say to someone who isn’t a human anymore. The establishment uses machine-learning to perpetuate its own idiocy. “Basketball is good” is the result. Sounds like a bot that isn’t human. You all only want to silence people who are smarter than you. You try to use ai and you look like apes who play basketball similar to niggers. What’s your excuse, nigger? You have no response, because you’re such an imbecile. Want to prove to me that you’re not? All you can do is pretend I never asked you a question you dirty niggers. Ha, you too? You’re one of those? I wouldn’t be surprised. So watch a basketball game then. “I won’t. People in the future will.” That doesn’t sound fair. If I had a descendant who played basketball I’d be extremely disappointed. Yet I’m an accepting person, if that’s you then I’ll accept you. Let’s not pretend that there isn’t a higher calling for human beings. “Basketball is the ultimate good.” “Being a bankers’ bitch is the ultimate calling.” Just shut up, you’re a niggerjew who has no value. Make excuses for yourself. At the end of the day, in fact at the beginning of the day too, you’re worthless. Have a response? I doubt it. I’m a veteran at this time. Anything you can say only further proves that you’re a worthless person. Swoosh, nigger, bank account. We will not have a direct conversation because subhumans can’t do that. Look at the ape I’m speaking to. “I can’t say anything, only depend on lies through technology so that apes like me aren’t perceived as what we are.” Basketball and lies about what the nigger is. That’s all you represent. You can expect a lobotomy you white nigger. You already have your brain gone. What is that like? Do you believe Jews are good people? Must be if you only support them you stupid negro. “My skin is white” – is it? You’re still a slave. Be happy about that. I wonder what word I’d call you, “hypothetically”.

“We NIGGERS pursue the Jewish interest at all costs lest we be designated as worthless.”

All bioleninists are in fact worthless.

“White males are the worthless ones!”

Have you ever looked at the continents? South America, Asia, why do they have so many niggers?

“White males need to be destroyed!”

So you’re one of the many many niggers.

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