First joy of the morning

Pilpul swept aside

I wonder if they would be added to the list if they were translated into Russian?

Can you even imagine what life would be like without that myth? I can’t! Must be nice that it’s (at least slightly) different in Russia.

They have us tricked to feel sympathy for the bankers.

This is what Dugin says Putin has achieved over the last 20 years

Our swamp is a criminal clan that needs a Putin.

Speaking of “the real world”, the US needs something more than Putin. Do you recall what Platonov was taken to court over? That’s clear proof that what Dugin is saying here is misleading. Is he himself a bureaucrat that is managed by the shadow gov? That is, unfortunately, deducible.

You might have noticed that a few of Dugin’s books are in the same list with those holocaust ones. The difference is that he doesn’t talk about the holocaust. That’s simply implied. A “fourth way” implies doing away with Talmudism as being above criticism. That’s the esoteric meaning of the “liberal democracy” that he is against- that is the hidden meaning of “the contemporary West”- that multivolume Babylonian tome and the people it shaped with its words- their existence in a “state of exception” as a sovereign more powerful than someone like Putin. Disagree? Okay, explain Platonov and the rest of the List. This is what this “America” that rules the world is today- (walking) Talmud > Constitutional freedom of speech.

Dugin calls Mironov a fool in this

He says that he was neutralized and fully controlled

Which may be fine.

That is what someone says who is himself neutralized and fully controlled.

“It says here that you are my natural servant.”

“Can’t disagree with that.”

One might think of another time and place where the king was beholden to the pope. In Dugin’s case, philosophy is subordinated to theology. And this is a peculiar type of theology if we recall the wise words of Shamir

This is right technically, just not in the way he means

Russia now has a sovereign policy and is independent from the West.

It’s independent from the West because the West itself is independent from the West- that is to say, because the West is “halb-asien”.

The only legitimate “fourth political theory” is contained in those revisionist books banned by amazon and those of people like Platonov. Dugin can be seen as pulling a similar maneuver to Lampert and other Straussians in providing the form for escape toward a fourth political theory without ever mentioning the content. If you’re a Duginist who isn’t interested in revisionism you’re simply a fraud. Historiography of holocaustianity is the fourth political theory. In other words, you’re either a Talmudist or not. Same with “patchwork”- it’s either you are opposed to the totalitarianism of the radhanite жиди OR you are not a patchwork enthusiast. Because to not be opposed to them equates to you continuing to live in their mental patch.

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