The shekina forum is asked for the best 100 books for advanced education “on the subject in question” and this is part of Elista’s response

He also says that if he knew of the perfect books then there’d be no reason for him to ever talk – yes.

This forum is the closest entity I know of to an autonomous patch for adults, i.e. the chans tend to lean toward a somewhat adolescent environment. “Somewhat??”

This Elista says of the work of a writer named Solonovich – I relate to this less and less every day

Despite the fact that he carefully avoided the Jewish question, I also highly value it. 

I’m more of a fan of the books on the Russian list than the American one so far. They meditated on these issues over a century before Americans have even started to today. Elista suggests a trilogy of novels for instance from around the time neech was writing the Antichrist. These are two places in time that had people living in them that are superior to any American alive. Hating dead white males just means that one chooses to be not very bright.

Spoiler alert, here are the final lines of the first novel of that trilogy

Elista calls it a Russian classic – really? I’d never heard of it.

Seeing this from that banned book on central banking changed my perception on pre-revolutionary Russia

Here is another one that amazon bans – one like this still needs to be written about the Russians

Whoa just remembered that I had a dream that I converted to the kagal cult religion, and thought “So this is what that’s like.” Ah hell no, how do you people do that? You essentially worship various types of subhuman. It’s not for me!

Here is that forum page where the “best books” are discussed though. Rather than deconstructing the fine details of the holocaust narrative as is the focus of books on the American banned list, these ones tend to zero-in on the psychological side of things. Both are necessary, I just personally prefer the latter.

Looks like Shekina is a scholar, not surprised

He’s a chess grandmaster. Never heard of this, I can relate with all the bot parasites I’ve lost count of that have caricatured me over the years

What a symbol this is- he’s “beaten the Jews at chess” and there’s no mention of his books on his wiki page.

This I’ll have to get to also, given that a good portion of our intelligentsia subscribes to this “emancipationist historiography”

They see it as thee model to emulate (even if they don’t admit it explicitly!) when they don’t even know the other side of the story, nor have ever bothered to look for it.

Elista is the only one I find who says this kind of thing

(Hint- it’s because almost everyone can be described in the above way.)

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