Cruelly perceptive

having lost the remnants of independence in thinking, and therefore endlessly repeating vulgar phrases from a zombie box…
when meeting a candidate from their ideological milieu who sincerely pours stereotyped nonsense into their ears, the “people” are imbued with sympathy for him…
Such candidates are often doctors, teachers, engineers, retirees, etc., who somehow adapted to the system of kabbalistic terror…
Looking at such candidates, the “people” gain the hope that it is possible to live like this, and the conviction that they endure all their hardships, because they are a hero, not a cowardly and stupid slave. 

These are my bros on this forum.

One of the chief qualities that distinguishes anthropology from culturology is the heightened tragic sense of the latter. It’s easy to observe and document the behavior of other primitives while remaining unfazed. Studying one’s own people it isn’t so easy to remain detached. It’s not a “discipline” that will bring one happiness.

Elista talks about how when one “infiltrates a control system” one begins by pretending to be a bastard, and eventually turns into one. That IS a saddening phenomenon. Whatever, that’s just Being.

He says they should be observed for Zionological scientific purposes

This has to be the most pessimistic field there is

people who are capable of moral thinking are constantly “whipped out”. It is an integral part of the Jewish messianic system, moreover, its foundation. There are almost no people anymore

The ones who remain only have each other, so it’s impossible for them to see what they are all really like. I.e. the lack of contrast allows them to flourish, feel dignified, act guiltless and carefree, etc.

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