Elista again, who is on a higher level than almost everyone, and this is from 2012

It is busy apologizing for slavery, eradicating truth and destroying the human mind.

We only refer to non-humans as “it”, because that’s what they do. There isn’t much to say to an object like that. “I AM a human though.” I highly doubt it. Moments of humanity I’m sure, that’s just not who you are at your core. Essentially a kagal-object bent on apologizing for slavery and eradicating truth who has a few seconds a day of self-reflection, that’s not something I’d call a human.

Heh another thing Elista says I’m not going to post, because only priest-types can even cognize that.

“We don’t like priests anyway!”

That’s how the plebs connect to the Realm of Ideas, there’s no other way.

“What about entheogens?”

That’s only temporary. The ego usually consigns insights from that realm to oblivion once it returns to its normal self. I do suggest you do that though if you feel called to “masonry”. We millennials need a new name for that anyway in my opinion. Ask a marketing specialist about that, my answer has something to do with shooting in the head all the imbeciles in power.

This forum is great – you mean people who are in a digital gulag that is constantly scapegoated?

Critical Race Theory is the filtered version of the Talmud. “Hate whitey” – that’s where that’s from. You can’t say anything about this because you’re miserable goyim.

They don’t care if your society collapses, because they control capital and they will simply go somewhere else, in fact they want your country to be no more because it makes them feel better about the original dissolution of ancient israel, and that is in fact that all the modern political order is about.

Every kike that justifies the kagal-order, whether directly or indirectly, is a being that has decided to be hunted. “We believe you should be enslaved and leveled stupid goyim!” That’s all they say. And the whites who agree with them only do so because they are already their slaves. This is “capitalist realism”. Any Jew who has apologized for “the cathedral” should just be shot. A few million people deciding whether earth should adjust to third-worldism? You know they’re niggers like you, right? Or can’t you understand that because you’re a jewnigger? “We don’t talk like that.” So does that change what you are? “It doesn’t matter, we only hide people who disagree with us.” Totalitarian merchants and basketball-niggerbots in America, is this not the dystopia you had in mind? Sad thing is, I see it one way, the majority sees it another way entirely. Totalitarian merchants and basketball-niggerbots are good in their view. White males who hate them are the devil! So, in conclusion, the best term for people like you is niggerjew.

No response? Or you prefer to prounce around like a furry ape?

Swoosh, kikes use ill-gotten funds to make sure whites never say anything against muddification. Only a nigger-race would orchestrate that, you Jews.

“We don’t need to respond.” Yeah, that’s how a subhuman has a conversation. “We have usury” – I repeat, that is how a subhuman has a conversation.

“No one cares about you, you’re going to die alone!” I understand that, and it’s because you are all controlled by international capital. Sorry that I care about you rather than wanting to use you.

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