Had a dream I was at a party, why am I never invited to parties, would that be awkward

I know lots of people have died, I just recurrently get the thought that COVID lockdown in a conspiracy against seals, or whatever that thing is. They want to keep them away from the penguins. This is because of Trump- he caused people to realize they might be able to be more candid than they usually are. Certain non-judeo-christian currents were made accessible. And like I said, I noticed that’s fading since Biden- people are moving libward. Social-distancing and masks I’m sure are in place to reduce infection- also to reduce his impact. “I was always a penguin”. Not many understand the non-exoteric meaning of the Trump era, and why we’re in lockdown now. “That’s conspiratorial thinking!” The Wall, the Pale, the meaning of Evil, the need to keep evil out with a wall. Better not talk about that. You’re not a penguin if you talk about that. Nice clean and orderly, all the same. Oblivious to evil. What do you think I mean when I call it a relativistic order- it’s obliviousness to evil. The penguins squawk amongst themselves at a second-order level of morality that isn’t even moral from the perspective of the first-order. Can’t talk about first-order. That would be insensitive–to the dirtbags. The wall-concept didn’t make people question themselves in terms of the proverbial “color of their skin”, it made them question themselves in terms of their moral character, and that just happens to align with the different subspecies of human being. The most immoral people in the country, Jews and blacks, they often did not like Trump. Better wear a mask and avoid contact with people who might mention how morally corrupt these subspecies are. How it would be better if they lived on the other side of a wall. Don’t want seals coughing on anyone. We want to keep the evil within the country after all, don’t we? The jungle savagery of Africa, the cut-throat egoism of Babylon. Neither types are particular good at taking criticism, indeed some might speculate that they are genetically incapable of being educated. Immoral people that we’re forced to “tolerate”, that’s the meaning of living in a “civilized society”, to pretend uncivilized people are civilized. Good work, with that attitude many whites are now niggers like them with no morals. Sounds like a flawless plan that could have only been designed by nose niggers. Better social-distance while the insight caused by the wall-concept fades, because if the reasoning is followed to the end there will be piles of dead Jids. Don’t you miss the days when the extended crime family could walk around in broad daylight and not need everyone wearing masks, because they’re kept so ignorant they don’t even need to self-censor? I believe in COVID okay I’m not that crazy, I just find it very convenient these policies in the context of Trump. You can speak figuratively of all of it, seamlessly- the vaccine against recognizing evil, we need to find a cure! Certain races exemplify evil! We have to stop noticing!

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