Just taking a look at these Ov’s (lol) that Elista suggested- his name is Salov by the way. I’m starting to really think that Solzhenitsyn’s mainstreaming in the west was manufactured. They gave us the “Jean-Claude Van Damme” so to speak. This Ivan Ovchinnikov for instance spent many years in gulags and on death row and he has a book where he talks about subjects similar to Shmakov, i.e. about an international government. Solzhenitsyn’s relative “reticence” and the promotion thereof seems to be a key way that they hid their activities with their “most recent victim”. And I’ve seen a few people older than me claim that after he published 200 Years Together he suddenly was a lot less talked about, so I wonder if he had a question of conscience at the end of his life, didn’t want to die a stooge. Eliminating the best goyim is central to their M.O., one should dispel all illusions about that, because their motivations truly are that nefarious. I don’t even like to think about who they burned every single book of, I’m content with the dozens I’ve found. Hopping around these prolific writers I find a parallel to our time in the one Elista considers his favorite, Ostretsov

the need to publicly demonstrate their loyalty to the regime, repeating deliberately idiotic slogans and quotes from party resolutions – especially corrupted the people of that time. And somewhere nearby, the presence of another Russia was felt.

There are tons of older movies, even lots of ones in color, that can remind us of “another America”. They’re so scientific about their opinion-control that most probably forget that things weren’t always so puritanically, kagalistically strict.

What Soviet Atlantis was like in the 60s

Needless to say, the tone to everything in this environment was set by the Jews… Cynicism and undisguised careerism reigned here. Nobody believed in anything.

Nihilism is the base proggism is built on. The (humorous?) remark of Shmakov’s I quoted seems like a QED to me, that if so and so is not a Jew, then he deserves to be one. In the same way that it’s nihilism > proggism, it’s kagalism > puritanism. Sluts are more Jews than they are feminists. Just how it is, and only a Talmudist would deny it. Part of what I mean by that is it’s always implicitly a subordinate relation, i.e. a stupid goy behaving the way they’re told to.

You really think it’s not of the utmost importance to learn about their most recent victim?

He was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Leningrad, where he spent most of his term, until “he realized that the Jews were not to blame for the crimes of Bolshevism” and that “the Jews did not at all monopolize all areas of culture in our country.” At the end of the fifth year of imprisonment, he “understood” all this and was released, having in his hands some kind of gray card with a photograph certifying that he had been “undergoing treatment” somewhere all this time.

At least they, according to Ostretsov, were expected to read “the classics”, i.e. Marx and Engels. With our advanced technology in our hellscape we’re at such a lower level of culture. What percent of the object-left even studies theory? They’re simply in lockstep with what their cheap entertainment subliminally tells them to believe. While we know that ye olde church-goers are looked down on, I think it’s a dire concern that culture has dropped since that time because even if people’s relation to theology tended to be basic, at least they had higher concerns in their minds. I’m talking about the times even before the screens. With them everywhere, everyone is on the plane of gossip, and being a close-to-illiterate church-goer has to be superior to that existence. Saved? Saved from what? Good and evil don’t exist in this new world. Go to hell when you die? There’s nothing you could do that could possibly warrant that, even if hell existed. Time to gossip about brainless nothings like you’re in a nail salon. Almost exclusively pertaining to the realm of materialism and nothing ever abstract or “spiritual”. Might as well be making incoherent animal grunts as meaningless as it is. All this justifies ousting the kikes from power. Can’t run a culture, too made of dirt. What kind of theocracy is this anyway where you can’t even say that Talmudists form the dominant group of your ruling-class? It’s a book! It’s a religious book, and you can’t say anything about it? Do you not care if its contents affect your life at all? Take a sharpie for me and write subhuman on your forehead and make it your display picture.

Ostretsov confirming one of my theories

within the party nomenklatura there were other convictions, other beliefs, and they knew something that we, ordinary people, did not know. This was evident from other signs as well. From this it could be concluded that this Marxism-Leninism existed for the lower classes, for the discipline of the masses

I bet there’s a Loeb or a Schiff out there right now looking for the blackest walnut brain for her son to marry. “We need to ensure that the family business is in good hands!” Yeah and don’t you think the average person wants the same? “I’m a proud sacrifice for ideology.” You mean the one the supercapitalists planted in your mind? They’ve really shown they care about you during this plague haven’t they? I wonder if they don’t care about you at all in other ways as well?

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