“Say the word ‘book’ one more time, I dare you.”

This is the panopticon that watches me, what a cultural climate.

Stanley Rosen Stans made a book of essays on him – I’ll give you an example of form that can be “used in all sorts of ways”

God, revelation = the authority of the living rabbinical kagal.

A suspicious reader might question me as to whether I disappear in Plato’s God through talking about the Abrahamic God in this way. Good, then I’ve gotten you to disappear in Plato’s God too by asking that. The stagnation of the dialectic between the two Gods is the real enemy in my opinion.

If the Kagal were constituted by Stan Rosens I’d disappear in it too. Unfortunately…!

You’re fine with disappearing into a shifty sheisty schwindling shylock?

Yahweh is the God of sophism.

If you want to know about the “mechanism of the faithful”, they almost always deceive themselves into thinking that they disappear into Plato’s God when the reality is that when they see someone disappear into Plato’s God they disappear into Abraham’s God through the negation of Plato’s God. That is, they engage in the Socratic dialectic only to disavow that dialectic. I.e. they never truly stop disappearing into Abraham’s God. Another way of saying it- you disagree with someone who has disappeared into Plato’s God, and–voila! you mysteriously find yourself in total agreement with the corporacracy. Unwavering revelationism which is a pseudo-dialecticism. Crudely put, the kagal has you by the balls. Probably pretty close to literally too given woman’s submission to the kagal and your submission to woman. “How stuff works”, the kagal called to tell me they’re giving me a tv show.

Srsly tho, see how this can be extremely politically incorrect?

Neo-Hellenism provided a diffusion of religious consciousness through historical criticism and philosophical reflection. It was, so to speak, the universalizing of cultic experience, ancient and monotheistic, with some cults resisting its influence and remaining cults, exclusivist, unanalytical, ahistorical; perhaps mystical and, to themselves, faithful to their origins. The civilizing apparatus of neo-Hellenism eluded them

It’s not even a postulation, it’s only a method.

While at first glance it seems polemical to contend that if Athens represents reason, then its opposite must represent the destruction of reason, the more I observe the policies and affects of the reigning political order the more I conclude that this not in any sense an exaggeration. Disappearing into Abraham’s God equates to dismissing logic itself, in the mathematically objective meaning of the term.

So based on the above, I’d like for Jids to let me know which of these reasons they have for continuing to be a member of the cabal

“It’s just number 1, I swear!!” I doubt it. I can see right through you. And if we can observe that the lesser Jids are driven by a few of the noted motivations above, we can expect the supercapitalists to be similar. Hate reason, hate morality, have zero independence and even the living kagal is a dead rabbi’s sock. Alright, so what time’s the party.

Pff going between that Elista forum and that Rosen book, the latter might as well be disappearing into Abraham’s God.

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