Is it just me or have you seen this idea in approximately only one or two other places all your life?

I was surprised when I saw Joseph Farrell mention this, and besides that I think I saw it in meme-format once? This is from the book on central banking that’s banned on amazon. If I had to say, it’s probably the superlatively most conspicuous book on both the American and Russian lists.

Conspicuous is it not, that this is a book that follows a book like this other one

I was sittin there trying to read about Plato and… I went back to this kind of stuff because this IS the cave, this type of material is more about the realm of illusions and “doxa” than Plato himself is in a way. I think they made a severe mistake to put this book on their list. You know I’m an obsessive too, how many books I’ve scrolled through in this category, and this is probably the one that’s most glaring.

This is why I say that many of the galaxybrain philosophers are salvageable- there’s something timeless about them that one only needs to figure out how to apply to one’s OWN time

Their “intellectual invention” if you can call it that is “pay to shut Socratics up”. “Kill Gaddafis”, that’s another one. It’s criminal, that’s it.

Notwithstanding, you still can’t help it, you still think of Schindler’s List, don’t you? I do too, honestly. We’re finite beings. That’s how we were molded. Manipulated by banksters, and we’ll probably take their brainwash with us to our graves.

You know what’s sick about this? There are some Jids that are aware of this and they’re laughing at the goyim who are aware too, knowing they’re too scared to say anything about it. That’s a reality.

They see something like this and sarcastically think “Too bad!” because in their minds they are the chosen ones

They’d answer the same as Greece about itself above, and of course we know the truth about them simply by reading their religious books. Or by observing their insolent silence about all these things I’ve talked about. Philosemitism is akin to devil-worship and if you partake in it you are not only not trustworthy, you are cursed. Manipulated by bankers who want you lobotomized, and happy about it, cheery even.

A review at the end of this book by someone named Matthew Johnson, maybe another one to look up, including this other name

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