My main problem in life is that I perceive the modern woman as a total whore, and I have no reason to care about anything because whores are worthless, there’s no reason to live. Only a loser would ever love a whore. It’s alright, you can change that, just kidding, you can’t, because a whore is a whore forever. A worthless person forever. And what’s the point of talking to someone like that? And who’s in control of this whore circus? And who doesn’t say anything about the orchestrators? Look at that, three types of people who are all worthless. Enjoy your empty life as either a whore or a coward, or if you’re lucky a kike who destroys civilization. “Whores have value! Kikes have value! Cowards have value!” No, you really all don’t have any value at all, you’re all worthless. That’s the end of the story and you can make excuses for yourself. You have no value, if you were murdered it would only be a good thing. There’s no point in talking to people like you, you believe in nothing. “I’m not worthless.” Yes, yes you are. The kike-whore-coward trifecta can only exist in denial of what it is. Wow, look at you, your life doesn’t matter, and if someone took it then the world would be better. Make sure to form a majority and hide anyone who rightly informs you of how much of a worthless subhuman you are. White niggers who go about life actually believing that it wouldn’t be better if they were buried in a ditch, there’s a good chance that’s you.

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