Finally see something that makes me laugh

Elista, with peak-suspicion

I was thinking about this recently- Can we even trust the so-called “canonical” philosophers? I’d like to find an alternative one somewhere. Dunno where to look.

This from the dedication in a book on the classics I need in my life in the meantime

I try to find one of Elista’s favorites, Ivan Ovchinnikov, and I only see Elista on other forums mentioning him, so he must have been scrubbed from the web. Wrote in the 50s, published at last in 2000, and disappeared again from what I can tell – similar case with Shmakov. An alternate canon yeah, this is one way to construct that.

This seems more or less accurate

Solzhenitsyn, who we can trust as far as we could throw him when he was plump and well-fed after his gulag days, estimates about 66 million bodies, so about the same as the modern woman.

Here’s the other forum these guys posted on, look, Americans have none of these, a country of whores and scoundrels

Nothing says “realism” like having no hope at all in the US.

It’s finally nice outside, time to go for a walk.

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