It was all about tea ya stupid goy

Did you know that Benjamin “Ben” Franklin wrote a pamphlet titled A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency when he was 23? The kite, goy! The kite and the key, think of that! He talks about usury in that pamphlet.

I’m willing to bet that material on the JQ from revolutionary times isn’t easy to find. What a headtrip that would be. “Let’s google it” – sounds futile. Don’t you care that the “financial family” is presiding over your women who are rotten to the core whores. No you don’t care, because you’re a rotten piece of shit too probably. Let’s export this to every country!

Other potential clues I’ve seen for the “international goyim-kagal” relate to who was truly making the money off of cotton during the 19th century, if you catch my drift. That Chinese book claims that many banks had to shut down after the Civil War. I don’t care to look it up at the moment, too acutely aware of Evil, and how it has infected pretty much everyone. That’s the side of mysticism you don’t even want to know about- you always see the “hippie” side of it. It’s impossible for them to even be aware of it, they read this through the eyes of a “satanist”.

It’s possible to talk directly about it if you want. Definitionally, the Jew is a bad person. Due to “might makes right”, being like them was universalized decades ago before many of us were even born. So now, people learning about the essence of our political order as adults, have to deal with the fact that they are products of it, and they’d prefer to tell themselves lies, often because they have a personal stake in this system. Went to school for journalism, guess what, guess what force you serve. Someone who was a dumpsterslut for a decade, guess what, you’re just a Jew, who is definitionally a bad person. Bankers get people to study Marx, such a devastating irony. They don’t care if he can lead to thoughts like this, when’s the last time you saw a Marxist talk about the kagal/cabal? Never. They’re totally controlled by capital. “All part of the plan.” I spent years being one of their liberals myself and you don’t see me running cover for them, so what’s your excuse? You’ve lost me, I don’t care about you anymore, too hopeless. A bankers’ bitch until the day you die. It’s alright, culture will be fine. All the worthless whores and cowards who should be starving in a gulag will continue to speak their depraved words and you will just have to get used to perpetually experiencing that nauseating whiff of a dumptruck passing by. That’s culture now, because the most corrupt race on the planet has been sainted. You like that smell? Or are you one of the ones exuding it?

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