This site is giving me a newfound appreciation for the founders of the country

Here’s one from that site people secretly believe and will never say

which of course, calls for a treason list

The gallows? Americans hate violence, that’s why they watch so many violent movies. They want violence, they just don’t know where to direct it. I have an idea.

What would you personally prefer? If they suffered or had a quick death?

Just being “hypothetical” here.

We could feed some of them to animals, you telling me you wouldn’t like to see that?

“No, we need to put them in prison!” They deserve to be given daily food? If you want to pamper Satan that’s your choice. I wonder if you should be in a cell too.

I know I “joke” about gulags, perhaps more frequently than some might like, my instinct is that they should just be given immediate executions. Let’s just be done with them, I don’t even want to think about them swinging a pickax. The sooner they’re wiped off the face of the earth the better for everyone (everyone except them). Why do you think you like violent movies? It’s because you recognize the existence of evil and you enjoy when it is symbolized as something that is then murdered without mercy. You be the judge, you want some people to die or not? Make sure not to say your answer in public. The “noses” might sniff you out and then you’ll be executed instead, nice free country, what our founders had in mind, right? sniff sniff “We used tech to figure out what you were reading in the late 2010s.” The American public is kept in a state of sheer terror.

Not to sound hoaky or something, I just see this on that site and kind of can relate to it in a new way

Once you put a lot of thought into the meanings of some of those key words there, America doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea.

This is one of the most difficult hermeneutical endeavors, “interpreting” our founders. Personally I like the idea of “liberty and justice for all” and I think that’s non-existent these days. Those terms are ideologically distorted today.

“Justice”? How about people being able to make jokes about the supercapitalists? Who are they anyway? I thought the definition of America was that it is against tyranny?

Why is it that I type on the internet and sense a constant desire to make me a scapegoat? Are you trying to hide something?

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