A source in English agrees with that Chinese one

Franklin created his own currency in a way? What’s that remind us of?

This is too damning to be true. The immediate priority now seems to be to try to confirm what that book amazon bans says about the particular “type of person” those “English” bankers were during that time.

Many of them have Spanish-sounding names. We might have to do what Choinski did with the Polish elites. The expulsion from Spain = 1492, the creation of the Bank of England = 1694. Only a few decades after Cromwell inviting “them” from the Pale after the proto-holocaust occurred there, i.e. the peasant revolt, the Chmielnicki Uprising. No chance in hell you’ll see a paragraph like this in a dissertation today. I always think I’ve figured out every last lie we’ve been told, and here we go, the American Revolution.

There’s an anti-semitic speech that Franklin gave in 1787 that wikipedia claims is a forgery, and of course it would.

Osama Bin Laden knew more about our founders than we do

This was presented by Madison, so the idea was certainly in the air at the time

Here is Madison elsewhere

Remember this guy from the Gibson movie?

Surprisingly accurate given that he’s a Jid.

Then you can think of that movie about slavery, Amistad, where all the ship-owners are white. No, the owners of those ships were Jewish. Amazon actually bans a few books on that subject as well.

A reply to an article – can you relate?

Think of da bifocals, goy. How much better the country would be if children were taught “kike” not “kite”.

I’ve lamented a few times the lack of resources to draw from in American history, i.e. “Wut, the Ukrainians get Shevchenko on their money” and that was a mistake- it’s only a matter of re-understanding some of our founders.

Unless you’re new here you probably understand exactly why I want to type “bank of england” into z-library, and why I expect that to only mislead me. sigh, I do it anyway. One from 1941, deleted from the site. Try to go back to “the real world” and re-read the previous sentence – how would that be interpreted by the cogs? “Excuse me, 1941, why does that matter, huh? Are you a NAZI HUH!??!”

Remember some tricks for genealogists – Google Play + foreign language “bank of england”

How stupid would those supercapitalists be to not pay several specialists handsomely in 1945 to purge the German libraries of material relating to them?

The ones most helpful for this so far have been the Chinese actually so I’m going to ask them more specific questions.

Heh look at this SNEAKY name

Remember the 1944 book that the banned on amazon one cited said these “British” bankers were from Amsterdam. So- Spain, Amsterdam, England, bonk bonk bonk. And there was also that influx of жиди from Eastern Europe around 1650. A century later these slimeballs are seeking to enslave our country. And during that same century these same ones are shipping literal slaves here.

From a description of one of the books Elista suggests, two defining characteristics of the radhanites include

the mystery of human sacrifice, and the mystery of slavery as the supreme social manifestation of the esoteric depths of Judaism.

Some more names of slavers bankers from our Chinese friend

Puppet King George

Recall how puppet kings worked in Khazaria.

Do you know your rev war history? Hessians, German auxiliaries that constituted a quarter of “British” soldiers – this guy is probably important too

Daniel Itzig: German banker; head of the Jewish community in Prussia (1764-1799)

I throw stuff at people like this because there are so many books that can be written and I only have time for historiography broadly speaking. Young people of the future shouldn’t have the problem we do of finding it futile to type in “bank of england” in z-library. Pretty much every chapter of that book amazon bans should be its own book. Jews caused the fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages, excuse me??

This is what is said of Itzig’s pal Veitel Heine Ephraim

he was accused of embezzling public funds, and the king was not allowed to investigate.

The two are infamous for minting those coins that one can bend by biting.

Ah finally! Some information on pre-1930s Jews in Germany- of course I find it via the Sinonet. Everyone knows that many Chinese people refer to Americans with the slur “baizuo” and very few who know this are not STILL baizuo. If you can’t talk about the JQ you’re a stinking filthy idiot baizuo, Chinese people talk about it like it’s nothing and they depict world history more accurately by so doing.

This you?

Just the secret history of the Revolutionary War and the foundations of our country, nothing to see here. No, you aren’t subordinate to noble martyrs who died in gas chambers, you are owned life and soul by dirtbag bankers, nothing to be proud of, baizuo.

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