Question asked on the Sinonet in August

Article on the central bank of central banks and its relation to a name I’m not going to say because people can’t perceive it and remain objective. Of course I find this via mandarin characters. Google you better get on that, better get on scrubbing the Sinonet.

Here’s a novelty- a Chinese book on Sassoon. Googling it I read that King George went mad from opium? So he was in a fog during the rev war? That untranslated Currency War book talks all about Sassoon by the way. It claims that he and his inheritors used the silver extracted from the opium sales to take over banking in China.

First time I’ve seen a Chinaman who understands our culture in this way

Same guy, Xiao Yang, asking a question hopefully lots of Chinese people are

Like garbage. The answer is “like garbage”.

Just going through this Chinaman’s posts, you ever heard of this traitor banker? Looks like they killed him off

He seems genuine

Honestly I can relate, it’s just my freezer brain sees them as worthless trash too!

Transcript here

They found him facedown in a puddle.

This Chinaman is helpful. This ex-banker says he helped bankrupt a business, among other things, and his conscience eventually “thawed”

“Satan International” as Elista calls it. Pure Talmud. Why bother with LaVey when it’s all there?

Oh great, he even brings up you-know-who

Minutes of the Zion Presbyterian Church, i.e. the Protocols, or if you want to see what the Chinese think of it, 锡安长老会纪要.

He had a near-death experience, an out-of-body experience. He seems genuine!

Heh from a forum that mentions this ex-banker

(And D.C.) – and which of these do you never hear about, and which of these has the most power?

Peak-formalism moment

Another transcript where he goes into detail about the BIS here

Force is the only option

Puh I have to find this guy through the Sinonet…

Actual bankers seriously talk about this stuff more clearly than theorists of economics–and most have an “incentive” not to.

This would be too delectable to be true

that 8 people own as much as half the people in this world.

How is that possible?
It’s not just speculation, it’s the interest rate that takes the real actual value and adds it to the capital at the top.

Then he says, “Last thing about this pyramid,” Nooo how about 500 pages on it?

It looks like he gave the interview in April and was dead in July.

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