Waltzing into the BIS building yelling “You bastards!” sounds like a plan, let’s try it out.

Still looking around the Sinonet, here’s another one of those East/West dialogue questions you can’t too directly ask about

Can the difference be stated that starkly? Formal Emperors versus capital puppets? Something tells me an English study isn’t the place to look for answers.

Lincoln is another one there’s a “conspiracy” about in that book amazon bans, and I find it on the Sinonet more readily than I do English google

I have two main enemies: the southern army in front of me, and the financial institutions behind. Of the two, the latter is the biggest threat.

The narrative goes that he was killed for freeing the slaves. Whose side was international capital on during the Civil War? Anybody look into who owned those dozens of banks that shut down after the victory of the north and the disruption of the cotton trade?

I think of that dense novel by Don DeLillo about the JFK hit and I wonder.. how PC really was it at the end of the day. All the many books on Lincoln, are they all PC and beholden to international finance? Even if I’m only a quarter on to something with some of these speculations, you’ll get fired for saying it, so someone has to do it (don’t worry, I’m getting plastic surgery).

The Sinonet is god’s gift to Marxists, too bad they’re such baizuos they can’t appreciate it

You just can’t trust christian peoples, they’re not direct.

I’m starting to have mad respect for a few of these people I’ve seen on money all my life, discovering things they tend to keep in the background about their biographies

So many things I’ve had to learn from China and MENA about my own country.

How does the Shekel keep rising from the ashes?! “Bribery, idiot.” Yeah probably.

It must be a coincidence that China, Russia, and MENA all believe in the same “conspiracy theories” huh?

Maybe I’m just naive- had you ever heard of this guy?

He was the 9th president–for one month. What was something he was opposed to? A private central bank. You can trust the wikipedia page on that or a Chinese one. Nine years after that another president opposed to the usual suspects died mysteriously after a bit over a year in office.

Now we find ourselves a few years later – and I wonder what is meant by “British” here

By 1853, when the American economy was booming, foreign capital, especially British capital, already owned 46% of the US federal government bonds and 58% of the state bonds… Once the central banking system is in place, the U.S. economy will be controlled by bankers like other European countries.

Wow this Chinaman offers lots of food for thought. California Gold rush = 1848-1855, i.e. something reminiscent of a “cryptocurrency” for the ordinary person to mine. ahahaha Civil War = 1861-1865.

So thinking again of how Adolf in a certain light was a “Lincoln figure” who was trying to free the slaves, to what degree was the Civil War meant to enslave the whites to the banks??

The German Prime minister Bismarck said “There is no doubt that the split of the United States into the two weaker federations of the North and the South was determined by the European financial powers long before the outbreak of the Civil War.”

Who could this have been?

This is all just from a casual google of mandarin.

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