You never hear about this side of it

The discovery of gold since 1848 has allowed American finance to gradually get rid of the extremely unfavorable situation completely controlled by European bankers.

“Declaration of Independence”? What’s that mean in this context? “Emancipation Proclamation”?

One of the most important things I’ve realized is that the hellspawn love these supercapitalists, because they facilitate an environment of opinion that treats sacks of dirt like them politely. In other words, think of what level of morality many of these bankers are at, then look at our political order – it isn’t a coincidence. And all of these sordid ones are ecstatic that they are given that.

Check out this master perspective that probably only heads of state can truly experience – I bet crypto-Trump had a similar awareness

Lincoln sent a special envoy to ask Czar Alexander II for help… During the time of Alexander II, the international financial forces sweeping Europe had knocked on the Kremlin’s door. Bankers strongly demanded the establishment of a private central bank based on the experience of European “advanced” financial countries. The Czar had already seen through the secrets and firmly rejected this request. When seeing another precarious President Lincoln who opposes international financial forces in a dangerous situation, if Alexander II does not help, I am afraid that it will be his turn next. 

This is similar to the King George “face” – the confederacy is the only thing we think about in regard to “the enemy” of the Civil War.

Biden is 100% buddy ol pal ol friend with international capital, and so are the conspicuously sordid ones who voted for him.

I have to find sources to substantiate lots of this stuff still – what a strange way to look at this conflict I thought I perfectly understood

The American Civil War, from a fundamental point of view, was a fierce battle between international financial forces and their agents and the U.S. government for the right to issue U.S. national currency and monetary policy.

“Yeah against the slave-owning white men, that’s the financial force!” Okay that’s what every 12 year old believes.

Okay I look at the treatment of Lincoln in that book banned on amazon with a similar thesis, and that writer cites a 1935 book

Looks like one of those in the same genre as that infamous Mullins book inspired by Ezra Pound.

The kagal-cattle would never acknowledge this if it were true, that’s why they’re an extended crime family. European bankers, Middle Eastern bankers, close enough.

Ah I see why I’ve never heard of this book

Written 17 years before the Mullins one at that.

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