Brings me such joy that I’ve passed the movie theater for a year seeing the same posters outside. Please just stop making them, I love this. Part of me narcissistically believes that I’m indirectly responsible for our culture stopping. No, they find ways to keep their leveling business going, don’t they? Just rubbing mud into their ears, who would want to be deaf? Everyone would be happier if they just accepted their place in the grand scheme of things honestly. They all want an undeserved self-perception, and that causes morons to be in power. Don’t you think society would run better if the morons weren’t in power, I don’t know why I even have to ask this. “Noses, muds, and women aren’t morons!” Ha, really? You all just must be playing pretend then? You pretend to be morons, what do you get out of that? Ah so it’s just true that you’re morons okay. Creatures. I’m surprised you even speak English. That’s about all you can do. Objects that speak English. You expect society to be a good place when these creatures are seen as anything besides that? The exceptions–which do exist–are too rare to even bother considering, and if they blindly defend their respective group then they might as well be the same as them. Would you prefer a “Lenin” who lied to you about this? Because that’s what the democratic party, for one, is built on. It’s true. Babylon, jungle, kitchen, you can’t expect shining minds from these places. They only make people deaf and dumb, each in their own unique way. If they want society to improve they will drain the moron swamp and accept their humble station in life, at least temporarily, until we build them up to mature rational adults, because as things stand now, people from these groups are not that. “We want a Lenin who lies to us.” Okay, so you admit it? It’s mean to call them morons, it’s meaner to let morons keep doing what they do without saying anything about it. Some are “109”, others never progressed past the stone age, and others can do nothing except gossip like they’re in a nail salon. These are not the people we want in government. We can find an elevated place for them in society to make them happy- this equal rights deception isn’t working. I’m not going to nod and be gleeful that me and everyone else are being subliminally and systematically brainwashed into believing they’re not absolute morons who don’t understand rationality or morality. You don’t care about society overall, you only care about preventing yourself from recognizing what you truly are- a total moron with no self-awareness. Have some modesty you creatures and maybe then we can help you rise above your wretched state.

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