What’s shocked me most the last few years is the tendency of people to apologize for the ruling-class. They are just happy subjects. They have no ambition to challenge them at all. I used to be naive and thought people were different than that. The money-changers give the slaves the right “to be themselves” and it’s always a display of depravity. Just telling you that’s one of the main ways I’ve been surprised in recent memory, the fact that the revolutionary-seeming populace is in fact subordinate to the ruling-class. You’re really like that? That isn’t revolutionary, you’re just a stooge? I guess that’s who you are. It’s funny to me that I often think of Marx in this context, because I don’t think you understand him, and yet that’s what you’re supposed to represent. You are an avatar of capital, what are you talking about? You want people who remind you of that gone because you’re such a shill. You’re the bourgeois, the worst people in the world besides the supercapitalists, you only do their bidding. How happy I am to live in this world with you. Can’t do anything for yourself, and hate people who try to show you how you are misled. You’re not socialist-anything, you take the easiest, most convenient path possible and try to congratulate yourself for it, shill. I might as well be talking to one of the bankers when I talk to you. What’s the difference? Neither the kagal or its minions will ever acknowledge that anyone ever wondered about a question they couldn’t answer. You believe morons should be treated as humans and anyone who disagrees with that should be erased from the discourse. Sounds like something a moron would do. How will you feel with a second-world IQ? Stupid and numb? Probably what many people want. I’m only informing you what the “system” really is, and many are happy with that because they are subhumans who hate thinking, reason, ethics, etc. Okay you’re a white negro, so you want the world to be like you? Of course you do, you’re a white nigger. Keep apologizing for the ruling-class, niggers. Here you are worthless.

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