Honestly, the one way I see women as equal to me is on a primal psychological level. I want to feed on their breast. “Here we go!!” Can’t you admit that’s what you’re like too? What kind of soul is feeding me from this breast? I’d like to bite a pure nipple someday, speaking candidly. Mm my other half who is beautiful. That’s something others beside me experience as well, why don’t we have an ideal counterpart? I know some of you embarrassments know what I’m talking about too regarding breasts. “You don’t have to talk about it scientifically.” That’s one of the main meanings of life. Who is the person who has the breasts? Do you want those “nipple eyes” demanding that you side with evil? Human beings are only non-existent until they know their other half, and mine, reportedly involves chomping a nipple, honestly. Want me to pretend I care about other things? Study of beauty leads me to believe biting a nipple of someone with extra-institutional beliefs is.. You don’t exist so that can never happen.

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