I wonder if they’re up to their tricks in China too

One world government with no “legacy” races, all mutts.

This is that Chinaman from yesterday’s new account– the one I was pulling from was blocked? The guy who was talking about banks and Protocols.

Look who’s talking about the stuff I talk about

He knows what’s going on here too

He says the Mongols did something similar to the Han during the Yuan dynasty in order to divide the main people of the nation so as to better control it. “Nu uh, I’m just an altruist.” Okay, COG.

Wut, this guy knows what’s up, he links to a post on “The American Caste System”

Ehh yeah sure, close enough.

Dare you lobotomites to post this picture

You cain’t nigga, cuz you second caste n sheeit! Dayum YOU a nigga! Git you a bucketa fry chicken.

Here’s that post though, it’s an alien read.

This is what he says of Anglo-Saxons, must know his Plato

They are in charge of the army and are responsible for protecting the Jewish caste from life to life. ; They are the faithful guards and thugs of Judea.

Angsamen must send troops to the Middle East to guard Israel, the “promised land” of Judea.


Cladistic monks alive in China

A post at the end of this one on that idea that Ancient Greece is a historical falsification.

What he says of overseas Chinese

Then these Chinese will become instrumental slaves of ontological Jewishness without knowing it. 

A theory about WW2 that is similar to the kind I find on the Rusnet.

A couple what he calls “cruel truths of life”

There should be like 500 books on 33.

This is the most perceptive Chinaman I’ve seen, you should click that link.

You’re not an altruist, you’re a baizuo that was created in a factory

Here’s a dehumanizing, objectifying way to put it

Products that don’t like to be reminded they’re products.

This guy’s great. Social media junkies should always try to keep this in mind

One of the most prominent second-caste white slaves out there. Needs to get hims some fry chicken.

This is a spicy “conspiracy theory”

In 1500 AD, most of the Jews in Spain had migrated, mainly in the Netherlands. They also deeply reflected and realized that the hostility of Christianity to Jews in the Netherlands could not be eliminated. Christianity was also the primary enemy of Jews, so Jewish rabbis participated and sponsored Scholars studied the new doctrines of Christianity, which promoted the establishment of the Protestant Lutheran Church in 1520.

He says they promoted Calvinism too. I’ll have to see if the Sinonet has any details on the behind-the-scenes of this.

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