Pretty much says it all

It appears some are familiar with the Culture of Critique in China.

Looks like this clique agrees with Osman Bey that they engineered the French Revolution too.

Whoa, this is profound

quietly watching you for a long time, and then killing you when you relax your vigilance. Sometimes they will have a round of several years, sometimes even several generations of rounds. Their time preference is extremely low, which can be called the lowest of human beings. It can be said that this adds a lot of brilliance to their intelligence.

[Emphasis mine]

I repeat, we are not studying bonobos here.

He says their financial scams won’t be discovered for hundreds of years – yes, exactly.

Based on a meticulous observation of human nature he calls it

The Baizuo you see now is actually a game set by the Jews in 1960, maybe even earlier.

This “YX” is a strange Chinaman

This is his 80th account? Why would they care about this stuff in China? I read yesterday that Jews are portrayed as intelligent in the media. Murdoch?

Look what this Chinaman says about the show “Friends”

I didn’t notice this – you have to have the eye and the ear (which most Americans don’t)

The key point is that many people don’t know that what he has always loved to watch is not American dramas at all. It’s a Jewish drama.

It’s good to see a Chinaman warning his fellows. All these shows we watched when young, who knows what they put in our heads. Talmud-programming no doubt.

How are these two I found today so perceptive?? My first intuition is that you can’t understand what’s going on unless you live in a totally zogged country. Then I wonder if the opposite is true…

Everyone knows that the entertainment industry is Jewish in the United States. 


I’m waiting for one of these two to talk the way that South Korean does about South Korea (owned and operated by ZOG).

It’s all so sad how stupid the goyim are, embarrassing really. I disavow them as my coethnics. Time to settle for the Khazarian milk mustache. Not really.

No, god no, not him too

Santa Claus is also constructed by Jews to fool Americans

Regarding the similarity of the Moshiach, Übermensch, and pop-Übermensch

This Chinaman is easily sharper than 99% of Americans. This is his 80th account – why?

What level of “masonry” are you on?

This is sort of like a twitter site, and this guy has 25,000 followers.

The so-called Marvel fans and DC fans in China do not know that these characters they watch are all Jewish subconscious, all created and conceived by Jews.

The CEO of Marvel is named “Perlmutter”, how perfect. People who decry the trash culture these movies exemplify will never mention the Talmud, cuz they niggas.

This Chinaman is a veritable American Studies scholar, check’eem out.

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