I’d love to see a Chinese person shame a white like this

“Strict Asian father” energy.

So docile you probably haven’t even bothered to read one of those Russian books they tried to disappear. Elista’s clique refers to it as “the three Russian holocausts” – not something you’re interested in?

Makes me think, I wonder what these two Chinamen could say about Chinese history that they don’t because they don’t want to be taken out back and shot. It’s a good day when you find a “treasure of humankind”, isn’t it? That’s what these two are. Out of 1.4 billion people… The seeming lack of Realpolitik theorists in China is remarkable. I’m pretty much 100% sure they have behind-the-scenes nerds that work on this.

This can be said of most of the baizuo “intelligentsia”

The American Ph.D. in mathematics is as immature as a primary school student. He obviously cannot see the biggest conspiracy and deception of the Jews.

From what I’ve observed, it seems Chinese people are similar to Americans in only being able to perceive the realm of appearances. Pretty much anyone who talks about “Biden” is just a dupe.

Try to put yourself in the place of this Chinaman. If your country was a rising power that wanted to go beyond thee superpower of the world wouldn’t you talk about JEWS all day? That’s what this one does. Chinese “off the street” I tend to find on the Sinonet are just NPCs who recite from the script about “Americans” rather than about the egregore embodiments. Princelings probably talk about it and them in private.

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