The most explicit page I’ve seen on what the Revolutionary War was really about. An entire book like that would be devastating. The slow process of genealogy. You want to read tens of thousands of pages on banking, it would probably be worth it- have fun though.

This isn’t so bad, for what looks like a boomercon site

[Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.

So about 8 million of them, if you count the mischlings (which you should)

What a dream that would be. I wonder if the Palestinians out of gratitude would let us keep a beach for ourselves on the Levantine coast?

It seems like boomers used to be more like this maybe 15 years ago, could be falsely remembering

More important psychology than you’ll learn from all of Freud

The poor design of this website can be forgiven simply for the fact that so few with content like this exist. Or google has thoroughly hidden them, either way.

What kind of person are you to defend these people, I really don’t understand. Does your brain resemble the above image? I think it must be pretty close. As long as you get even the most meager slice of the pie nothing else matters to you. Nah, goyimbrain is pretty much just one solid block of “submit to Jew”. Really really sad to witness. Especially if the thesis that they’re the closest thing to “Satanists” in the world is accurate. I’m sure God isn’t judging you one bit.

Yeah, really simple – nice to see a reference to the Byzantines though, I haven’t covered their presence among them much yet

If everyone knew what the Talmud teaches they wouldn’t hesitate to do that. “Equal souls, we’re all the same!!” Let’s look at the material reality here, I don’t think so. “You’re just jealous that we’re immoral.” Why would I be jealous of that? You sound like you deserve a death sentence if you use that form of reasoning. “You only wish you were as immoral as us.” I only wish that someone like that is dead.

Speaking of ritual sacrifice

No one even cares about this anymore- they got away with it scot-free. I bet it would take only five more years or so before they could pull off something similar in magnitude and get away with that too. How many people in the Middle East are dead, besides those 3000 Americans. We’re all so numb to it. Callous, really, from all the propaganda. And I bet you still haven’t tried to figure out what happened in Russia last century. Millions and millions dead. You just don’t care, they took a shovel, scooped up some random soil, dumped it in your head, and closed the skull back up. I don’t care if you have a “nice presentation” of who you are, that’s what’s going on inside your mind. “Their eyes shine, they must have a soul in there!” No, that’s just light reflecting on an empty shell. What’s really messed up is that you hear of those Eyes Wide Shut type of rituals behind the scenes among the elite and… I think the average person might as well have been initiated into their satanism without having gone through the ceremony. That’s just how they act. No matter what you say to them their defense-mechanism, seemingly out of their conscious control, creates rationalizations for why they should defend the powers that be, and why those who criticize should be disappeared from society. What we think of as “civilized society” is really just a further extension of that extended crime family I speak of. All in cahoots, all conspiring to keep the sorts of things I write about kept hidden. Don’t you ever feel guilty for that?

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