All these people who advocate for mutts are only calling on others to enact their policies. Can’t trust google- I yandex “aboriginals” and see a clearer perception of the telos of the prog worldview

Haha you believe in being a nigger!

Make an excuse for yourself. You tell others to be niggers and can’t do it, why is that?

What kind of life that would be if I knocked up a Latina or something like that. Always have to pretend she didn’t have savage instincts. What a life. And the child would probably end up hating me because it wanted to take the easy way out. Nah, senorita wears leaves for clothes and now she hides that while living in the US. Hello savages, I see you. Even the “noses” are a type of savage. You want them telling you what to do?

“Like I’ve said before” my misanthropy stems from the desire to have a genuine talk with a person who isn’t beholden to any forces outside of a casual talk. That’s all, and we can’t have that. “You should be sodomized in prison and castrated for having a normal talk.” This is what many people truly believe. What are you trying to hide? I think Marx said something about you people, about the Jewish Niggers. Any response to that? He’s probably your best Jew, objectively speaking, the one who could redeem you. No, they only want to use him for their own purposes. “Question us and expect the worst.” You control a slave-planet, you are the one who is already experiencing the worst. You’re happy about that? You’re too egocentric to understand what’s going on. If you love jews, goyim turn into mud, if you hate jews goyim turn into mud- how could I ever interpret that as just? They stand for immorality, or satanism if you prefer, and they will do anything it takes to silence people who ask them questions. “What do you think of all those migrations?” “I think you need to be sent to prison.” We’re dealing with a nigger here, who could never learn from Christianity. Many of us are even beyond Christianity, and they are still stuck in the middle ages with the Talmud. Yup you can control finance, that doesn’t mean you understand anything else. You only tell yourself you do because that’s convenient and that’s what a babylon nigger does. “Kill white people who question us.” Why, because you’re a subhuman. “We control capital.” So explain how you did that, without any of the illusionary narratives. Jews are a type of nigger. We don’t want the world tone being set by such people. “Yes we do because I’ll go to prison if I disagree.” Too many slaves, that’s why I have such despair. Where are the human beings.. I live in a world of objects, why don’t they have the potential to change?

So why aren’t you living in aboriginal australia or south america then? You believe these niggers won’t take their jungle with them any country they go. Same with the babylon noses. You’re subhuman trash and it’s time to admit it. “We want the world to be subhuman.”

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