Speaking of dark books that are banned in Russia

Does this trigger you as much as the JQ? Schopenhauer has a “forgotten” essay on this subject- it’s possible to talk about it in a detached manner. You’re all such hopeless sell-outs, what’s the point, let me know some time. The answer is you don’t have an answer, and your own life as a half slave half satanist is absolutely meaningless. “There’s ways to find meaning in private, just because I don’t shout about it like you do!” From what I’ve observed I’m not even sure about that, I think people are owned in their private lives too. All my misanthropic rants have been accurate, so what follows from that, let me know. Go live alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere? People are touchy about this because they want to protect their illusions. Yeah dude it’s possible to “love” a mammonite, yeah fucking right. What we all have to look forward to. Heh this is not a site for children. “You just deal with it!” Just deal with living with frauds and having frauds for friends. Live in a baboon culture and not be allowed to say anything against it. Supercapitalists who hate you are a protected class. Get scapegoated for bringing it up. Suicide isn’t a rational temptation, don’t worry about it. A world of people who apologize for a regime which is a genocidal death cult that worships lobotomy and its own unequivocal subordination to it. It’s ONLY illusion that keeps us in the world of the living, let’s not mince words. “We do what we can.” I highly doubt that, you’re probably just a total sell-out. Time for the confetti to celebrate your meaningless life that’s built on self-deception. Schopenhauer has nothing on me. There’s something “funny” about that essay of his by the way, at least to me. Lowkey pataphysical absurdism. Yeah I really wonder, you’re all just so pathetic. No independence or freewill to speak of, might as well not even be human. You get to be the 75th body of a soulless modern woman, doesn’t sound empty at all. Meanwhile genuflect to the overlords who create these conditions. Adjust to being a minority among mud people who don’t understand high culture, grin as all culture and media vulgarizes more and more as the years go on. The only response to this is “Deal with it!” Nice reasoning idiot. I can see why people turn to hedonism after they catch a glimpse of the reality of this political order. You either have to be a junkie or a master of self-deception to be happy about all this. I see people genuinely flatter the chosens while being fully aware of all the dimensions of the JQ. That’s called self-deception and having self-deception ABOUT that self-deception. Mm mm mm fry chicken. A quiet town in flyover country, pretend I’m on a seastead, probably all fantasy that will never happen. Marry a moron who will never know who I am. Get paid in bloodmoney by an evil corporation. Let me know. Deal with it. Yeah you have your illusions. I live for the Alfarabis I guess, most of whom are dead. They probably had to put up with a drab humanity too. When you go back to square one you wonder what the point of it all is, and if you look carefully there’s not much reason there to be found. “Grill with family, keep your head down.” Sounds pathetic. It’s somethin. Let’s not pretend there’s not something profoundly empty about that. At least that boomercon site is amusing, I’d like to live on a street with people like that. Probably out there somewhere. The problem is that people most worth talking to have intellectual careers and thus have restrictions on what they say, and thus on what they think, and have all sorts of pathological rationalizations in order to not have thoughts like the above. “How empty!” Thus you can only really talk with bots and expect the self-deception to kick in when you bring certain things up. “Deal with it.” Yeah, that’s all it is too, nothing more, no reason can be given beyond that.

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