This Arabic article brings up Ben Franklin, when I wasn’t even looking for him. I was just googling this book (that they’re ahead of us on)

In fact I haven’t seen anything on this specific subject on the Rusnet either. “Our” hostile presence in MENA probably has had a “time machine” effect on their mentality.

Anyway, this “tea historiography” that children are taught is a crime. If they were taught the truth about the founding of the country they would grow to be citizens who are in a better place to critique the empire. In light of the revelations about these banksters, a tea tax sounds like an absurd reason to go to war, doesn’t it? That’s what we’re taught. I wonder how many generations that’s been so. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to disappear history books from say 1880.

This is where those “British” bankers were from, so that’s where I’m looking now

Historiography on this as it stands now is perfect for the state-religion, i.e. hate the white man, King George, the oppressive tyrant, and his loyal royalist redcoats.

While one can’t be absolutely certain, even googling certain languages allows one to get a glimpse at how zogged a country is. Not looking good for the Dutch. Meanwhile, on Arabnet, it’s a different world. The Quran is like a protective shield for them. Love, man, Jesus, man- how vulnerable you are with that. I see some conspiracies on the Rusnet (I still have to be convinced on) that they actually designed Christianity from the beginning as a counterpart to their own religion, one book for the slaves, another for the slavers.


Despite the Dutch success, Kings Charles II and James II did not contribute to the establishment of an English central bank. In the Netherlands, the central bank had already existed for about 80 years.

There’s a certain name that is brought up in virtually every language I google, and Americans don’t like to hear it, so I’m not going to say it. I learned yesterday that in Israel itself they refer to Edmond as “the Baron”, and he’s just one member of the family that one finds all over the non-english internet. I’ve noticed a few times recently people getting angry when they’re brought up- that has to tell you something. After America collapses they’ll probably be brought up more if I had to guess. They have people stuck with like 5 tricks that stop all thinking and this is one of them. There is a science to the “serf horizon”.

If we were raised without the “tea myth”, knowing the enemy would be more first-nature for us like it is in MENA countries. What a list we have now. What’s the other prominent one- who owned the slave ships and most of the slaves. These merchants and bankers weren’t “white” and yet the very essence of our national consciousness revolves around seeing them as such, and thus being in a lifetime of guilt-debt. There’s something shady going on with Columbus’ voyage too, that’s another story for another time. (1492 was the year of the expulsion, “can I make it any more obvious”?) What’s another one of the main foundational myths of our country? Lincoln, the civil war, something shady there too. It’s all a matter of what children are taught in school. After they get out of their teen years there isn’t much changing them. No matter what I show you about the real story of the civil war you’ll probably never change the understanding of it you were taught when you were young. The interpretation of history is of the highest importance for the type of beings that we are. As anti-American as progs seem they are in reality ultra-loyal to these unreflective interpretations of history. Want to make them boil, tell them about MLK’s plagiarism. All of our main myths are designed to instill self-loathing in the majority of the country. It’s actually a form of dehumanization to accuse people of “judging others by the color of their skin” – the implication is that there’s something inhuman about the soul of whites for doing that. When that isn’t even the case, it’s always the behavior of non-whites that is judged. Feel bad for believing in morals, whites. And we’re the big brother of the world. Needless to say, the world deserves better than the inversion of values. That might be the central reason I’m so pessimistic- that the Revaluation of Values is not allowed, when in my opinion that is one of the things that makes us most human.

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