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The Bania (also spelled as Baniya, Banija, Banya, Vaniya, Vani, Vania and Vanya) is an occupational community of merchants, bankers, money-lenders, and (in modern times) owners of commercial enterprises.

A hidden caste

I wonder in how many countries this is a “theme”

Media in India is almost entirely controlled by Banias and Jains.

The brahmins hide these ones, brahmins must be like WASPs are here

25 million of them. Ever heard of someone named Gupta? Those are often Banias.

Sneaky ones

Uh oh

These are closer to Jids than Hakka are, by the looks of it!

They claim a 5000 year history. Genealogy time anyone?

They believe in something called Vaishnavism

 for these Banias the myths and legends of Krishna, the cowherd god of Hinduism, are of utmost importance.

Cowherds, so people who herd cattle.


They resent the higher two varnas, the Brahmins and the Kshatryas, and thus Banias have often been leaders in caste reform movements.

Anglos and Germans.

How do these ones sneak by?

They are often resented by other castes, because they lend much needed money at high interest rates. 

One page calls them spiritually empty.

Not seeing much about them from the different languages yet. They seem like the closest parallel on earth so far though.

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