Service nomads

We see them as equals, they see us as pollutants. Due to this we’ve allowed them to convince us that we are pollutants. “Jew” itself is a deserved curse-word, try to get that into your head before it’s too late. “I don’t listen to what pollutants have to say about the anointed ones.” The immoral, materialist mammonites you mean? The inversion of values, we’re living in it.

This Slezkine book is packed with insights

Jewish Supremacists are right out in the open if you have eyes to see. You learned French, fancy one? There’s another “language” to learn. It concerns you, given that it’s based on the implicit presupposition that you are their slave. If you start to look, you will see. It’s a boss, except it doesn’t pay you, and it orders you around, and wants the worst for you. It is pure, you are polluted, 109 is all your fault. They want to pollute you with real pollutants so 110 doesn’t happen. Essential to that process is convincing you that you already are one. Something that jarred me about them a few years ago was when I saw Evola say that they love to humiliate the goyim. That’s all our political order really is. Bloodthirsty mockery by narcissistic sophists. Jews are niggers, just say it and call it a day.

This language can probably be mined for psychological nuances

The two canonical histories of Yiddish reject the Germanic genesis without attempting to fit the language into any conventional nomenclature (other than “Jewish languages”): Birnbaum calls it a “synthesis” of Semitic, Aramaic, Romance, Germanic, and Slavic “elements,” whereas Max Weinreich describes it as a “fusion language” molded out of four “determinants”—Hebrew, Loez (Judeo-French and Judeo-Italian), German, and Slavic.

Do you want to be cattle or do you want to understand the cowherd? It’s one or the other. Their migrations are contained in this, the secret language of the supercapitalists. Undoubtedly has clues to explain the word “жид”.

What could this mean, he calls it an underworld vocabulary

With considerable insight as well as irony, they called it Loshen-Koudesh, or “sacred language” / “cow language,”

This book is a find, thank you Russian essay.

Just the way Slezkine frames it as “Service Nomadism” is such a Talmudist maneuver. “We serve you, not the other way around, imbecile goy.” He’s speaking a cladistic Yiddish here. “Now fan me with a fern instead of throwing mud into my face.” I really ought to do some deconstructive readings of Derrida for some off the charts irony levels. “French philosophy” huh? He’s another chief kagal member in the clouds by the way. Jid is pronounced like “Jacques”.

Damn, Yiddish might be a project to take on

Reminds me of something that Chinaman said about the show Friends, that there is a level of humor that most goyim won’t understand, inside-jokes that they’ll probably absorb subconsciously nonetheless while the Jew laughs at them. They don’t even allow jokes about them, what’s that say about them- that’s not even laughable, it’s only sad. Let’s do a Comedy Central “roast” of the kike-in-itself, that’s why I do. Tragedy Central.

Slezkine says the language is secret like the people it serves and celebrates – esotericized exotericism book detected! Gotta watch out for those mischlings – I will loan my sperm to a jewess at a very high interest rate. (More and more backstabbing your heritage as the mutant gets older).

An info-overload with this book

A couple days I actually looked for books on nomads in general- you need to know the magic words to find the best books.

Too much to show you in this book, I can only suggest it as being among the rare gems.

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