So many riddles in this Slezkine book, and you can tell there is an “esoteric mind” behind them.

Look at this guy

This explains Moldbug’s ketman. He wants to be in one of the kagal institutions, and he went too far to the goyim side and it’s too late for him. Strauss himself is marginalized because he’s “too German” ultimately. The chosens have more leeway, at the end of the day though there’s still a line they can’t cross. And this is controlled by the alchemists of finance. The alchemists of theory are beholden to them, even if this more refined type is superior to them. “You want to threaten the whole project, theory boy? Then don’t mess with the finance alchemists.” Then on the goyim side, most are still tricked to think that the Jid is a Yevrey, i.e. that they and the Old Testament are one. No, this is a delusion, it’s a form of overwork where your labor is worth more than your boss gives you for it. A beast of burden that is whispered lies.

Why this Slezkine is a peculiar case? A cross between a Russian Jew and their most recent victim. There’s more candor with him, unsurprisingly. There’s also the expected trickery from the other side. In our “Jewish Age” as he calls it, he only has incentive to be loyal to–guess which side of him. Here is something I saw to be a riddle that he said

The difference between Apollonians and Mercurians is the all-important difference between those who grow food and those who create concepts and artifacts.

Apollonians = goyim, Mercurians = Jews in his phraseology. This is Talmud mask-off right here. They create a concept that tries to make you believe that you’re not the one who should be creating concepts, since that’s the domain of the bankers, or I mean servants of the bankers, I mean theorists. Not to diminish his point though, there is something to be said about Jews in historically middle-upper classes, that their otium allowed them to develop an intelligence that peoples new to literacy aren’t able to fathom. They also have to understand that there are castes of goyim that have been criticizing the Talmud for close to a thousand years now. In Iran, even more than a thousand years. All the monotheisms are imperfect, I think that’s a fair starting point. “No, we won’t have that, because we’re Jews.” Alright, that’s one of the ways you’re imperfect, being like that. Cladistic Christians are less close-minded than that, it’s our virtue as much as it’s our achilles’ heel. I’m trying to mediate between all of us. I’m not sure Jews OR Muslims understand self-transcendence like we do. That’s as natural to us as being immoral is natural to Jews, oh wait did I say that? Again, in all fairness, a Kabbalistic interpretation is that they are Machiavellian for the sake of the Moshiach, and I can respect that given it’s similar to the Übermensch – “any means necessary”. On the other hand, if you haven’t changed since Babylon I have some questions for you, and if you can’t answer them without censoring or scapegoating me then I am all the more suspicious of the soundness of your beliefs. Just some thoughts. See some of the clever riddles of this mischling I mention, while remembering who he’s loyal to, and think of your own riddles, that’s what’s fun to me.

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