Only result when you type “bitcoin bank” into z-library, “they” can’t be too happy about this

Downloads unavailable for this book.

I’m not directly interested in economics, my main focus of study is “what people believe”, and that forces me to study economics.

This is probably an important question to ask

Will they possibly determine beliefs, broadly speaking, in a similar way that the bankers do now?

We’re going to go from Judaism to libertarianism as the state-religion.

“I feel so accused!” Relatively speaking there are a lot worse ideologies than libertarianism. That would probably be healthy for culture as an inhale-exhale mechanism – total control to total freedom, then a possible more balanced synthesis that follows?

This couldn’t be true, could it?

Are these people a particular demographic?

Whatever leads to this, who cares, I think is many people’s thought

Everyone loves to imagine bankers crawling on their hands and knees crying, picking up their worthless paper rectangles.

Some people are playing the game, real gamblers

Anyone has to be less corrupt than those inbred banking dynasties??

Maybe I’m not asking the right questions, I only dabble in econ. Would these people have enormous amounts of power if fiat collapsed? Or is the point of cryptocurrency that no one will have that kind of power anymore?

I’m looking for a PDF of that initial book. Honestly I feel like a dirtbag lately for all the PDFs I’ve stolen. It IS stealing. I’m sorry, okay, I’m sorry. “I might as well have worked in a factory for a year to write that book.” People literally don’t GAF.

Oh god I just realized something. I remember the time I couldn’t order a book on bad DMT trips so I emailed the writer about the technical problem and he just gave the book to me for free, cool experience. And this bitcoin book they have totally locked down, can’t find it anywhere because of copyright. Which brings me to my question- Is it merchant-types who are going to control bitcoin? “There’s no controlling bitcoin.” Doubt.

Anyway I should get back to Farrell, he’s the one who’s explained the “mystical” meaning of debt-based currency to me most clearly. I just want to talk about Judaism all day–because that’s what everyone believes–and this is a natural consequence of that.

Here he is talking about it in a random book of his I haven’t read yet

While I don’t think bitcoin will destroy Judeo-Christianity, it will probably help!

I’ve already destroyed it in my own mind, it’s possible on an individual level. However, like I said, pretty much everyone still believes in it even after reading people like me. You don’t owe a debt! You’re a crazy person. The West has a diagnosable mental illness, and not many treatments work.

What about those Templars though? Farrell is freakin erudite to say the least, not your regular “conspiracy theorist”.

In the context of that quote, notice how there’s no “secular Christ” in our religion, no forgiveness for white supremacy. It’s just infinite debt that needs to be paid, and paid, and paid. Is bitcoin going to change that mentality? I don’t think so, that’s why it’s only a peripheral concern of mine that stems from more fundamental problems. Whites are daily, ritually crucified for “being too good” and that’s how the story ends, there’s no redemption. They ask, “Father why have you forsaken me?” And Yahweh responds, “Because that is your role as a goy, to be forsaken.” Yahweh’s got whites nailing their own hand to the cross. “Yo can you nail my other hand, the other one kind of is already stuck to the cross.” “Sure, we got a system going.” Glorifying the wretched of the earth is lowkey a form of anti-white behavior, always. Is bitcoin going to stop that ugliness? I see westerners as a child who has to be told to stay away from that kid at school whose family is known to be criminals. You should be friends with this other nice kid instead who isn’t from that depraved family. Rumor has it that they worship the devil. No, bad influences don’t exist, and kids should be allowed to surround themselves with lowlifes, lowbrows, and scoundrels. Little whores in the making who are going to grow up to be fat single moms on pills. That’s great for kids, I’ve heard. I’ve yet to see anyone explain how bitcoin relates to burning down the Synagogue so to speak, and that’s really the only thing in the world of any importance. “Once fiat’s in the recycling box then we’ll be able to talk about that.” Really? I wish I could find an econ sperg to explain that to me. Welp back to that mischling from yesterday for me. Enjoy the crucifixion and auto-crucifixion in the meantime you wackjobs.

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