This mask-offer Slezkine is amusing

The price they do often pay negates their being better. This is the Kantian perspective on them, and everyone who does what they have to do to get by in this slimeball culture of theirs.

He’s shockingly fair though, look

Again, mature wisdom = Kantianism. And most mortals are not Kant. At least this mischling admits what one half of him really is- that’s mature wisdom. You’re not going to see the kagal or its most immediate kagalings do that whatsoever. “Bitch, I’m perfect.” Being a totalitarianism apologist is not perfection.

Just painting and addressing these people everyday, you should try it

There must be a war in this Slevkine’s soul

The Mercurians’ views of the Apollonians are ultimately as rational as the Apollonians’ views of the Mercurians.

You really want to be relativistic about “cunning”? Only a cunning person would be relativistic about cunning. It isn’t an ideal type of intelligence. It’s self-centered and deceptive. “Pragmatic” is a euphemism for it.

This is without a doubt the best book on nomads I know of

The Kanjar know a great deal about the human resources they exploit; whereas members of sedentary communities know almost nothing about Kanjar society and culture

These ones are from India, they were listed under the Criminal Tribes Act. Maybe we need one of those? Anyway, you don’t want a people prone to criminality to understand you while you don’t understand them, and that’s what we try to correct here. The question can be raised- is cunning criminal? If it’s used against evil people I might look the other way, wouldn’t you? I for one however am not convinced goyim are evil, and they use their cunning to monopolize entire industries in order to convince us we are evil and should hate ourselves, all the while denying it all, so yeah I’d call that criminal. And they want anyone who tells people about this to be living in a cardboard box, another level of their criminality. “We don’t want you to be living at all, what are you talking about?” Alright so dead in a cardboard box, glad we’re being precise here.

This is a type of gypsy from what I understand, and the victim narrative of Zionists is reminiscent, and in my eyes a form of criminality as well

Callous misers who trick you into believing you’re a callous miser. Bonobos these are not. A fascinating people really.

Slezkine won the National Jewish Book Award for this so they must have ate it right up, this unmasked supremacism. “What a salty goy you are!” I don’t feel salty, I feel detached.

And so, for much of human history, they have lived next to each other in mutual scorn and suspicion—not because of ignorant superstition but because they have had the chance to get to know each other.

A mutual hatred and only one us is allowed to hate the other. You’re arguably more hateable, and thus not supreme, that’s just my side of the story, which you systematically suppress in a very hateable way. You’ve lost the chess match and you’re such a sore loser you can’t admit it. All bioleninists know is the gulag treatment for those who own them.

This is just the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen, amazon putting this on the ban list

Oh pardon me, that’s the one on central banking. In this context, look what this Slezkine admits

Zeus = Being, God, the Good. Hermes = cunning, materialistic mammonite banksters. He says this is Modernity, and he’s right. Everyone is growing distant from “Being” and closer to these “tricksters”. I’ll spare you the virtues he attributes to them. I strongly suggest you read this book though. Stop calling it capitalism, stop calling it nihilism, stop calling it neoliberalism- we live in the Age of the Jew. What Dugin finally admitted recently was the “Antichrist”. Israel Shahak said that rabbis historically have literally prayed to Satan! Quit flattering yourself Mr. Slezkine. Once again, that’s how a cunning person would frame all of this.

A decent way to describe the ubiquitous narcissistic individualism and atomization through the lens of modernity as jewish

Alone together, with no God above.

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