The pull to abstraction

I’ve been on the internet all this time and haven’t thought to type “internet” into z-library. Humans are blind like that. I’ve been looking for things and haven’t thought to look for how to look for things. I wonder if AI will be able to understand ALL contexts instantly.

This is one of those concepts that has the potential to be more philosophical than philosophy books

IS this a philosophy book? I feel inclined to say that it is both not quite and more than one. The project of trying to “get outside of philosophy”. This kind of thinking in general gets you kicked outside of society, at least that much we can determine.

This is something one might find if a Socratic dialogue took place in the 21st century

Research is the process of finding out for yourself what somebody else already knows.

I want to do another philosophy of food post honestly, I liked doing that, and this is similar. “What is the internet?” is what I’m wondering. The truth is that research isn’t very popular because most live in the delusion that they know everything.


You know what I wanted google to show me in the blink of an eye earlier? I want a cross-cultural study on silence and overlords. Do the Sunnis of Syria self-censor themselves about the Alawites? I want to see this phenomenon across history. Talking about how we can’t talk about what we can’t talk about. This must not be the only place and time. Franko has given us some idea that it was the case in Galicia. Those wise Chinamen I found recently talk all about the Jids and never once about the Hakka. What is this about? So I go to a more abstract book to try to solve this mystery of silence and power.

Counter-intuitive thing to say

Getting past a dependence on Google and other search engines is the focus of this book. As all good librarians know, there’s a lot more useful information in the world than what search engines can deliver.

Not Yandex too?? Sorry I’m seen as such an evil person for constantly wanting to get a perspective from beyond space and time. Illegal, bad bad bad.

This is what the actual–much-maligned–“nerd” really is

By mastering the research process and undertaking it in the spirit of adventure and discovery, you’ll soon realize that it is indeed possible to find out anything.

My first thought is to be an abstract jerk and say yeah right you have to be on mescaline to find out certain things.

Ahh I hope this guy teaches me how to “find the magic words” – that’s how one gets from point a to point b. Typing in “internet” was the magic word to lead me to this.

This appears as a boring technical manual at first when really it’s like a Socratic treatise for the information age. If one lives in the information age shouldn’t one obtain information on the information age itself in order to know how to obtain the highest quality information?

So basically I’m trying to study studying here.

This is a nice symbol for the ideal

As we’ll see, [Google is] a simple finding aid, not the Oracle at Delphi.

Is it not? With the right languages it can seem that way sometimes. Note that rabbis and their socks are hostile to this general method of questioning because they hate reason and truth.

This investigation is interesting to me because it reminds me of what a narrow lifeworld we live in. So much studying and never studying how to study. This is another way of describing what a “horizon” is, in the way I use the term. “Rounded with a sleep” as Sh-k-sp–r- famously put it. What was research like for him?? Could he have written even better plays if he had the internet? All the shitposts on social media are so frivolous when you think of it that way.

This writer seems to equate the subject–or science–in question with being a professional librarian. That’s a nobler occupation than I had realized. Finding the perfect books people are looking for. Delphi Oracles, mediums between God and man.

Need one of these in my basement “for multiple uses”

Now that I think about it… a professional thoughtcriminal is indistinguishable from a professional librarian, and in fact most of the latter aren’t pros at all, given that I doubt next to none of them could find me the specific types of books I look for. “Silence and authority? I know right where to look.” Yeah right, amateurs.

Librarians are, at least ideally, kind of like the initiators into freedom itself. They’re the middleman between you and the genius you need to find.

What was the last romp like this I did? Historiography OF historiography? If you want to “know everything” that’s the way you have to think. Some nerd is probably reading this thinking “You obviously didn’t research into research books enough if you’re reading that one!” I’m not omniscient, I only try to be. That should be the standard for politicians- people who try to be omniscient and are good at it. Most people can only read this post through that horizon I always try to tell them about, to no avail. And thus no omniscience for them. A librarian who brews me mescaline and shows me intimacy, imagine how much more omniscient I could be with that. Semi-omniscience is illegal in our culture. It’s not bragging, it’s a statement of fact- if you need to take a big huff of copium when presented with knowledge of the approved horizon then you simply can’t know much or be objective about anything at all. I almost want to take your driver’s license away from you, are you even an adult?

Do you see how this is a higher order than philosophy in a certain way?

You need to know which philosophy books to read, in other words. Many of the ones I see might as well be theology, and I can tell just by looking at them that they won’t lead one to omniscience and only rather further confine one in the horizon. Philosopher’s Stone, Holy Grail, omniscience, that is what I seek. What every person as a person should seek in my opinion.

Strangely enough, the Russian language is one of the best ways I’ve gotten closer to omniscience. The genre of “counter-history” is extraordinarily effective for that end too. And I’ll go ahead and say it- traitorous Jews. If you want to know about “knowing everything” these are some of the candid answers establishmentarians won’t dare to give you.

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