Here we go, I wonder to myself “Who is the most abstract person?” and I think “Hegel”, so I’m going to try to suffocate in the sky somewhere, wanna watch?

How about two “dollops”

This should be a hobby of every leftist and their grandmother and yet, and yet

Leftists, rightists, what do these labels mean in this context?

This is a puzzle that neither blank slate leftists nor anti-socialist rightists touch at all. Want to say anything about this, dear pious Marxists?

Can you just tolerate me for repeating this idea that the “Soviets” are here in America now and Marx to the intelligentsia has a “golden glow”? You can’t tell me that there’s not something not right about that. There’s something about that that makes me “somber” actually.

Anyway, I have the genuine question in my mind that I doubt you’ll remark on, that is, if I wanted to study “the logic of capital”, would I be better off reading this book on Hegel and Marx or that one by Slezkine on “the Jewish Age”? Genuine question. And why would an, in my opinion, poignant question not ever be raised by Hegelo-Marxists at a conference, say? Why do they allow themselves to live in that horizon with that blindness, it doesn’t sound like a way of intellectual life that either Hegel or Marx would advocate for. It’s because the Talmud always-already precedes either the Logic or Capital text. And it hushes them up. The subordination of philosophy to anything is not something I tolerate. Mr. fucking walking Talmud, are you reading this? Yeah you could say superstition and greed controlling the world makes me “angry”. That’s what the Talmud and the beings it created are- faith-based disappearance of the self, the absorption of the self. Why do so many people let themselves be absorbed? I try to be a stone they can’t digest. Anyway, the logic of capital seems pretty synonymous with the psychology of the talmudist. If you want to survive in their world you have to think like them, and the so-called protestant work-ethic is just a pale off-shoot of classical judaism.

Slezkine at least admits it directly

Capitalism is inconceivable without the Protestant ethic; Judaism is much more Protestant (older, tougher, and purer) than Protestantism; Judaism is the progenitor of Capitalism. “The whole religious system is in reality nothing but a contract between Jehovah and his chosen people, a contract with all its consequences and all its duties.” Every Jew has an account in Heaven, and every Jew’s purpose in life is to balance it

“What happened, I thought you were going to go suffocate in the sky, I wanted to watch that.” That’s what this is, sure sure though.

If you want to understand reality as it is, you have to accept that the JQ books I quote and draw from are pretty much as highbrow as the following

The twelve authors are divided between seven economists and five philosophers, as is fitting given the interdisciplinary nature of the subject of the relation between Hegel’s logic and Marx’s economic theory.

and which one is invisible in this political order? How do you expect to overthrow capitalism in a Jewish Age when you have to abide by the demands of that age? You can choose not to abide, it’s the only way it can be overthrown. Or take the easy way out and skulk off like a sadsack because you realize in light of these questions you’re a typical bourgeois. It’s funny how Land used to anthropomorphize Capital and portray it as having a mind of its own. Yes, do you want to go into detail on that one? Ironically, political correctness prevents leftists from being leftists. I guess we all suffer under its sway.

Oh man, this most basic idea expressed by Marx I think most people are allergic to unpacking

Do you remember this post of mine on the Quran’s reading of “capital”?

Marx is a Jew. Most people today are Jewish in this way. I.e. not Hegelian. Just philosophy of religion… Did Marx invert Hegel or was Marx a stubborn Jew who never allowed himself to be inverted by Christianity?

Talking about this I get the eerie sense that I’m saying it in a “Soviet” context. The state “Party” doesn’t want you talking like this does it comrade? Or have you internalized the materialist-kagal and don’t want people talking like this yourself? Is it so controversial to say that orthodox Marxists look at the world like a Talmudist? Perhaps a self-hating Talmudist- regardless, a Talmudist nonetheless? The way that “Marxism” almost always manifests in today’s world is as the hatred of white people, so that certainly is in line with Talmudism. Could it be a coincidence? Hating “idealists” i.e. people who believe in “God” and not mere matter alone. Not sure if it’s a coincidence.

Looking at this from an off the reservation perspective makes me laugh

in the Grundrisse, Marx utilised all three parts of Hegel’s Science of Logic—Being (simple circulation), Essence (capitalist production) and Concept (capital as organic unity).

“Can Jews ever stop thinking about money??” Sounds worldly. Trying to have a high-minded discussion about Spirit and then this stereotypical Jew barges in…

ahahahahha I might as well be satirizing Christ to the face of Evangelicals the way people tend to relate to Marx.

Forgive me, I have antisemitic thoughts when I see this

Humans are walking shekels, goy. So he just re-inverts (((Spinoza’s))) reality as “substance”? The racist history of philosophy, gotta love it.

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