One of those Chinamen recently suggested a book called Cotton Capitalists that begins this way, I wonder what it could be about?

Owned the slave ships, controlled the cotton business too? No… It couldn’t be that bad for them, could it? It was written by a Cohen, you’re supposed to listen to Cohens, right?

Too much inbreeding leads to fools like this?

Wow, they just want us to pay for their crimes huh? Read the New Testament and tell me what you think about keeping slaves, then read the Talmud and tell me what you think about that. All you need to know. And this Cohen, and others like him help us understand that obvious fact.

“We’re not our bankers, we’re not our merchants.” You apologize for them. What’s the difference? Anytime you say “antisemite” you’re justifying them, and you’re part of the scheme. All you deserve is to have your heads sawn off, to have the rest of humanity in the future spared from you. A crime family disguised as a religion. You don’t believe in God, I know that. The divinity of exploitation and even slavery, that’s your god. You even got the ones you enslaved vouching for you these days, and if whites are gone there will be no one left with the cognition to ask you about any of this. “And we don’t even care if you talk because whites are so hopeless too without even being jungle savages.” You noticed that too?

I love this book so far, I wonder what black people would think of it

Any’a you whites drop the fry chicken and look into all those banks that shut down after the Civil War? Or is you niggas? Ah, you is niggas aintcha. Light of eye, doesn’t matter in many cases, only a deception that conceals that lack of soul within, truly truly, no soul there, empty world of empty people, I’d literally eat a human burger if it were offered to me, totally meaningless existences with no value at all. “So how are you different from these slavers!” I try to help people with their post-college education, even if it seems hopeless every day.

Dude.. this might be one of those books up there with the Bristow one about sex-slaves in the Pale. What is all this history of slavery anyway? I truly feel like people in America are slaves today too. They just keep doing the same thing in different ways and hiding it. “Things couldn’t really be THAT bad.” I think they are, and you’re just too brainwashed to understand. I might hate you, at least I try to help you, instead of keeping a pact of silence like you see with the kagal minions. You’re only here to be used by them, sorry to tell you- even if you take the schmooze role with them now, that’s only temporary, because they’ll throw you under the bus at the first opportunity. I say this to Latinos and blacks too. You’re just being used and it’s convenient for you to side with them now- just know that they see you as goyim too.

There are really just some Cohens who should keep quiet, I’m happy when they don’t though

I told you about those banks how many days ago, did anyone look into that, or were you too busy picking cotton? There’s a difference ya know. When I call you a nigger I’m telling you to stop being one. When they treat you like one without directly calling you that it’s only because they want you to continue being one. Pick your poison I guess.

“Blame the whites for slavery, blame the whites for the holocaust!” And the reality is the real culprit is these inhuman supercapitalists. And what most whites can do as a response to these words is scapegoat me. YOU ARE LOST. “They have electricity now, they’ll believe that slavery ended.” No. You a ‘good boy’.

Whatever bruh, at least I try to talk to you like you’re a human. All “their” methods revolve around deceiving you to keep you picking cotton for them, NIGGA.

Sad as it is true. If you got rather far in that Slezkine book you might have noticed that there’s a certain way that Jids “slant” the story. You have to acquire immunities to their deceptive tactics or they will convince you to pick cotton for them. Do I even have to tell you who is good to read instead to avoid that? Shestopal, that Ukrainian professor who was purged in the 60s, he’s one of the first I think of. If you don’t start from outright suspicion you will be lost- they control the economy and thus your mind. Shmakov. “I like picking cotton!” I noticed. You better immerse in them rather than in news and social media (what’s the difference?) or you’re going to continue to pick cotton like a nigger. It’s sad, I’m sick of seeing it. Someone give me some hope in humanity for once. I persist even after seeing your miserable souls living in hell, and that itself is a fate worse than death.

Honestly, I’m so sick of you all, and I’m on page 16 of this which is a “revaluation of all values” of a read so far

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