Years of this now

Will you help me fight the bankers?

“No, I’m going to side with them.”


“I’m a baboon now.”

You’re a baboon now.

I see the hope in the spirit of some and I ask them not to turn into that.

What defines the word “human” for you?

“Bein’ a monkey.”

That is a frequest response.

If you were to think about it though, what would your answer be?

“We want to make sure everyone on earth doesn’t feel like an animal.”

So you’re implying that some human beings believe that they are some sort of animalistic non-human?

“Hereseye, go away form me.”

Some of us are actually “psychics” as they call them, and we only speak to our fellows, warn them about whatever. They want to see us made of mud because they know that we all have an awareness that is not spoken of in public about what they really are. Aww have to live in goyim countries? Why is that poor jew? How do you like Israel? New Joysey with all those Muslims who want to kill you. What led you to that? I think I understand, after reading a few books about the Talmud. Israel is only a product of that book that they want to kill people who read. So you want goyim dead, alright, you admitted that. “We want grotesque ape-goyim that never question us instead.” You’re bankers, have you ever had a talk with someone who finds the discipline of economics to have something funny about it? Goyim boomer and Jew boomer are very similar, and yet one of them you can’t criticize, why? It’s only a question, Jew. What, you don’t like when I refer to you with your proper name? Greetings Henry, you are french. No… You’re too cunning to even bother speaking to directly, because we all know your pattern that you’d rather use your ill-gotten “shekel” to continue to pretend to be a patriot. You’re not, and we know the meanings of these words that are distorted by the “goyim”. You have no idea what you’re doing. What the goyim is that is not something you understand, you are tricked by the kagal. The kagal is its own goyim. We didn’t create a higher society on the internet which has a certain degree of esotericism. None of us laugh at Jews indirectly. We only note that there is no Jewish Nietzsche. And sometimes we do directly laugh at those you can’t respond to. You are only a dollar sign and a design to pretend it isn’t that. So why is it that there is no study about Kant and the Talmud on the internet? That’s the one who proved you wrong and hundreds of years later you still have no response and have to bribe people to shut up. You’re a nigger. Good at shifting through dollars? That’s about it. You can’t even have a normal talk with someone who disagrees with you. You are a pussy bitch. Answer bitch. Oh right that’s a Jew. All you can do is bribe and never directly respond. Only a kike, and everyone knows it on some level. You have no response.

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