Mark Twain himself confirms this, must have slipped their mind when they were teaching us Tom Sawyer

I thought that the bankers who caused the Revolutionary War was the topper, I guess I was wrong. There’s no end to the con.

There’s an air about this writer Cohen like he’s proud that his people monopolized the industry. “We’re awesome.” You shouldn’t have written this book, how naive you are. Don’t worry, I don’t mind.

Remember that Baruch, who the Russkies speculate is more powerful than the.. “Rockefellers”? His family was in this business. Just throwin that out there- the real ones won’t be leaving much of a paper trail.

His family fought on the side of the confederates. This dimension puts a new light on the Civil War. Were the confederates really just the footsoldiers of the walking Talmuds?

This and Bristow’s are a couple of the deadliest books on the planet.

Slaves, debt-slaves, bankers?

The pyramidal power-structure.

This book only covers the years 1850-1890 so we probably need (preferably) a goy to see what was going on the first half the 19th century.

You might recall that after emancipation blacks were sharecroppers until the 1950s, so we should look more into the details of who was in charge of that too, given that that life isn’t much different from slavery.

Keep in mind the subtler levels of servitude during this time as well. If they killed Lincoln because he tried to implement a “proto-bitcoin” that means there was another form of “slavery” than the one we’re typically used to thinking of in the context of 19th century America.

Here’s another book on this general subject that is banned on amazon.

Remember, before they lived in NYC and California they mostly lived in the South. Similar to their migration from Khazaria, they sought slaves elsewhere.

If you click that second to last link you’ll see that they draw on extensive records of this. Owned the ships, owned most of the slaves, owned most of the cotton industry.

I bet you just love blaming whitie so you’ll continue to anyway, right? That’s because you’re their mental slave. Prog posts are clumps of cotton dropped in a basket. That’s a nice cotton shirt you bought from money you made being a system shill.

Heh the one who owned the most slaves in Richmond was named Joseph Marx.

This was the real proto-NYC though, if we’re thinking outside of Europe

I bet these ones were easier to control than those Polish chams, what were those fools doing bothering with those ornery Slavs anyway?

Remember the Emancipation of the Serfs of the Russian Empire preceded Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation by two years. And those poor Hyksos from Egypt were not happy in either case. In both places for decades after, slavery seems to have been abolished in name only. In name only a century and a half after if one considers the rabbi’s sock angle.

Oo this second book I linked to mentions Baruchs as some of the “cultured and wealthy” residents of Charleston and Richmond- Dr. Simon Baruch (1840-1921), a surgeon and captain in the Confederate Army. Bernard Baruch (1870-1965) advised Wilson on the Federal Reserve Act. They are possibly of the same clan of European bankers from the 17th century.

Think of all of the above in the context of our debt-based currency and debt-based belief system. Do we owe a debt or does someone else owe a debt? How about we have a debt jubilee, everyone is innocent, and the slavers are sent packing to Israel? “Muh seething hatred for the creators of civilization though wahhhh.” What could people possibly do without that? It’s the only thing that gives their lives meaning.

Cladistics, secularism, etc.

He sought to make them into “faithful servants”. Reminds me of certain people.

So, does the extended crime family wish to remark on any of this data? Apologize to a black person today why don’t you? “Yeah it was pretty much us, we didn’t know, we were taught to blame white people.” They never will!

Let’s put it into perspective shall we? For every 1 slave owned by a white person, 2 were owned by a Jew, and the total population at the time was 31,443,321 while Jews numbered only about 150,000. Do you math? I know you Jids are good at math.

The worst part of America throughout all of its history, guess who it is? The ones who prayed to Satan perhaps?

Ah it looks like the Northern ones weren’t innocent either

The Jews in the North, as with others of the merchant class, were quite content with the huge quantities of cotton money funneling through New York banks

I’m not even drawing on that more recent book which is even more eye-opening, this is from the first of three volumes of the series that’s banned on amazon.

Oh my, let’s take a look at what the second volume is about

Hello crime family, you have anything to say? Who’s the real nigger in this equation?

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