I like the way people from old times talked, this is from 1908

They loved justice, and tried to have the right thing done, always.

It’s from this oddity I saw listed among all those enemy #1 Mattogno books

You’ll find a connection between this writer and the three volume series I drew from in my previous post, which really is a coincidence, I just had the random curiosity about why this book was mentioned among all those holocaust-deconstruction books. He’s a key figure for understanding the foundation of the Anti-Defamation League which has so much power today. The book above isn’t listed on his wiki page, among others. The description of that third volume, which I haven’t gotten to yet, says that the Civil Rights movement was launched after what happened to that enemy of the writer of the above book, so he might be even more important than through his relation to the ADL alone. I’ve seen a few people over the years in the reactosphere who are aware of the Leo Frank controversy- this related writer above is more obscure. Are we going to find something about Roman History with similar themes found in that banned central banking book? This concerns the causes of the Dark Ages so I’d say it’s possibly pretty significant. This from a description of the book

You’ll learn, too, about King Jugurtha of Numidia, who made a study of Roman corruption and famously described Rome as “urbem venalem et mature perituram, si emptorem invenerit” (“a city for sale and doomed to quick destruction, if it should find a buyer”). 

Everyone thinks they know everything about the Roman Empire, everyone thinks they know everything about the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, World War Two, the Cold War, et al, and we forget that plutocrats have controlled what we learn and what is published all our lives. Who knows what the real history is. Trillions of dollars–and wanting to make trillions more–does that. I approach history with humility, as a possibly misled serf.

If even Cicero had to speak in a hushed voice because of a certain “lobby” then I can only imagine what might be discovered about Ancient Rome. That book is here if you’re interested, and I’m already seeing the signs. The first essay is on politicians from about a century or so before Jesus who were killed by a certain plutocratic force. Might provide some “formalistic” background on Jesus’ time. You let these people get away with all this way back when, and then all of a sudden you have the curse of slavery in our own country centuries later. I guess life would be boring without Satan, right? …?

That reminds me- you know another book listed with those Auschwitz ones? One by Revilo, on the origins of Christianity in the Middle East. It’s so ironic that 99% of Christians I’ve seen in my life have been zogbots. You’re bad Christians, you just apologize for the same people who killed your holy man. Cope about it bitch. Total hypocrites. Might as well be atheists. When I was younger I was an atheist on totally different grounds, yet it was for a pretty similar reason now that I think about it- the phoniness of Christians. They’re all still frauds, besides some tradcaths I’ve seen here and there. They don’t risk themselves by challenging the money-changers, they defend them if anything, from what I’ve observed. Find the real Jesus, not a convenient hippie Jesus. You won’t, you are Satan. The egregore is all that shines through your deadened stare. I don’t even have to go to church to know they don’t talk like this there- phony phony phony. Maybe the Coptic Church of Egypt they’re like this. In Western countries? AHAHHA. Even anons tend to be dutiful slaves, that’s the saddest part. Yknow, out of all the Christianities out there it might be Alawites I’m closest to. Just airdrop me into one of these “evil regimes”, please.

A counter-history of Spartacus, kool

That’s one of the ways they “gitcha” in our time- you think you see a movie then have the perfect understanding of the events. It would be too good to be true if… Spartacus?? No… White slaves, “I am Spartacus”, a new retelling of the story with the latest CGI? He speaks of usurers. Roman ones, must be. Spartacus and Cicero were contemporaries, mind you. Spartacus is described as an “escaped slave” – I can only hope that you relate to that, and that you’re not a “non-escaped slave”. This senator Watson cites Osborne Ward to substantiate his claims- we can use whatever trustable sources we can get. The alchemists of finance have probably only let a precious few slip through to us. “Yes, we do happen to be the same ones from Ancient Rome, and yes we are doing the same things that led to its dissolution, why do you ask?” Remember what those Persians called دولت پنهان, a hidden state. If it was like that in Babylon, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was like that in Rome.

Babylonians 🤝 Romans

Much as the Babylonians destroyed the First Temple, the Romans destroyed the Second Temple 

You never hear about the “hidden state” side of the story. Muh temple, destroyed for no reason oy. The second temple was destroyed in 70AD. Spartacus died in 70BC. Jesus died in, well, you infer. Learning about this “hidden plutocracy” is giving me more respect for Jesus. Based on the story involving the money-changers one almost emerges with the image in mind of one temple that was corrupt rather than all of Rome. “Rome”? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Shmakov is probably the most convincing source I’ve found that Rome harbored a state within a state. To give you a hint of how enslaved reactosphere types tend to be, Ancient Rome is probably their favorite model in history to use as a muse, and I’ve never once seen them speculate about this particular question. It’s because they’re beholden to the state within a state America harbors. For context, remember this book was written by the most influential enemy of Leo Frank and if we think about the thesis of the second volume of that series from my previous post, that slavery in the US only ended in name after 1865, Watson likely had those merchants and bankers in mind when writing about Rome here in 1908.

Here is Watson elsewhere, a few years after this book was written

Frank belongs to the Jewish aristocracy, and it was determined by the rich Jews that no aristocrat of their race should die for the death of a working-class Gentile.

Frank was accused of raping and murdering a young girl. And citizens took it upon themselves to lynch Frank. Watson was outspoken in his support. Whether these shady deaths ignited the Civil Rights movement is another important question that is for another time.

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